Roku launched a ‘multi-year extension’ to keep Amazon on its boxes


In terms of the length of the extension, Roku has not stated how long it is.

image credits: Roku

Roku claims to have reached an agreement with Amazon for a new “multi-year contract” that would let it to continue offering Amazon Prime Video and IMDb TV applications on its devices.

People will still be able to stream Amazon video on their Roku boxes, according to a very brief press release that only stated the facts.


SAN JOSE, Calif., April 4th, 2022 — The In a statement released today, Roku, Inc. (Nasdaq: ROKU) announced a multi-year distribution partnership with Amazon:

“Amazon and Roku have signed a multi-year distribution partnership renewal. As before, Prime Video and IMDb TV are still accessible on Roku devices.”

Amazon’s streaming services are already available on Roku devices. It’s possible to buy a gadget that meets your needs and still have access to the material you’ve paid for through applications from Amazon, Apple, and more. As a result of the new agreement, Amazon Prime members who possess Roku gear will continue to enjoy this benefit.


There are a variety of Roku devices to choose from depending on your needs, and the firm just released an upgrade to its Roku OS software.

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