Pokemon GO: popular Ways to Farm Candy


With Pokemon GO, catching and evolving Pokemon has never been simpler. Newcomers and casual gamers alike may experience the joys of Pokemon evolution while making new friends. Pokemon GO has simplified the process of obtaining new evolutions by making it easy to get Candies. There are a number of ways to harvest sweets in Pokemon GO that can help you develop your Pokemon more quicker than previously.

In Pokemon GO, what are the best ways to get more candy?

Poke-catching the Pokemon you wish to evolve is the most straightforward method of gathering candy for your desired evolution. For starters like Rattata and Pidgey, we strongly encourage going out and catching as many as possible in order to collect Candy for evolution.

Pokemon nests are a good place to locate a lot of the Pokemon you want to level up. There are places where specific Pokemon are more likely to spawn, known as “nests.” In the Pokemon GO communities on Reddit and Google Maps, you can locate the nests of your favourite Pokemon.


Farming Candies in Pokemon GO is not the only option.

Transferring the Pokemon you wish to evolve is another easy way to obtain Candy and reduce the amount of Pokemon in your system. A Charmander with poor Individual Values may be transferred to a Charmander that has better IVs, and vice versa. This way, you can receive Charmander Candies back and use them for evolution.

Using berries when battling wild Pokemon may also nett you Candy in Pokemon GO. Using a Pinap Berry when capturing a Pokemon will allow you to double the quantity of Candy you get from catching it in the wild, making it easier to evolve your Pokemon. Do this as many times as you can to acquire as many Candies as possible for the Pokemon you wish to develop.

Feed your Pokemon berries when you’re in gym fights to increase your chances of earning Candy to drop.


Always have the Pokemon you wish to develop as your Buddy while out and about catching them. As you walk specific distances every day, you’ll earn Candy for that Pokemon.

Egg hatching is our last option for quickly obtaining Candy. Each time you hatch an egg, you get a lot of candy. A 2km Egg will provide you 10 Candy for that Pokemon if you successfully hatched it. A 5km Egg will provide 20 Candy if hatched. A 10km Egg will provide you 30 Candy for that Pokemon if you hatch it.

These are our best hints and methods for obtaining extra Candy in Pokemon GO. The greatest Pokemon and teams for the upcoming Kanto Cup event are covered in our newest guide.


All mobile devices can play Pokemon GO.

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