Pocket-sized Snapchat’s Pixy drone launches into the sky


Pixy is Snap’s first camera drone.

Snapchat introduces a selfie camera that follows you everywhere

When Pixy is launched by pals, the three may be seen laughing and playing about in a rural setting.

In order to begin a flight with Pixy, you must first choose a flight mode from a list of options that includes: Hover, orbit, reveal, favourite, and follow. Using the Follow command, for example, instructs the autonomous device to maintain track of your movements while taking pictures and recording video.


It is then saved wirelessly in Snapchat Memories, whether it be video or photos.

From there, you may use Snapchat’s editing features, such as Hyperspeed, Bounce, Orbit 3D, and Jump Cut, as well as Lenses and Sounds, to further personalise your clip.

Once you’re done, you may easily post your video or picture on Snapchat or another social media site.


100 grammes (0.22 pounds) is the weight of the flying machines, which can take off and land in the palm of your hand. As the plane comes in for a landing, there are protective shields surrounding the propellers to keep your fingers safe from the horror show that befell Enrique Iglesias few years ago.

Pixy is presently on sale for $230 in the United States and France, but you’ll have to wait a long time to get one, since the estimated delivery time is currently 16 weeks. Batteries may be purchased separately, as well as extra chargers and a shoulder strap with a built-in bumper.

Snap has now unveiled its second tangible product, following in the footsteps of the camera-equipped Snapchat Spectacles. The augmented reality-capable gadget, which can record video and photos, is currently in its third generation.


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