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Playing Elden Ring? Try this iPhone app today


One of Elden Ring’s most pressing issues has been addressed by this software.

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Elden Ring is a front-runner for game of the year, although the absence of a task tracker has been questioned by several gamers. For others, this exclusion is a barrier to access, and this new iPhone app may help.

In order to make up for the absence of a typical mission tracker, a new software called Shattered Ring has been developed to help players keep track of significant NPCs, places, and tasks. While the app is currently only available on iOS, it may be worth the $2.99/£2.49 price tag for those who find it difficult to keep track of the objectives in Elden Ring.


You won’t find a detailed overview of the Shattered Ring app, but rather a tracking tool. The user may access the information they’ve submitted at any time. While it won’t provide you the answers you’re looking for, it will aid you in deciphering Elden Ring’s sometimes purposefully enigmatic hints.

Elden Ring relies on the thrill of discovery that this app doesn’t take away from gamers. It doesn’t include a tonne of spoilers and reveals some of the game’s key secrets. Instead, it serves as a convenient ally who can assist you keep track of your travels in the Lands Between.

Dachary Carey, an Elden Ring player who is not a professional app developer, created Shattered Ring. It was so important to me that I developed my first app to overcome what I believe is a major accessibility barrier for many more casual gamers like myself, Carey said to VGC.


It’s also possible to use the app without an Elden Ring. It could theoretically be used for any RPG video game that has a lot of side content but no mission tracker. You may use it to keep track of character and quest information in tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, according to its app store description.

With a game as difficult as Elden Ring, you’ll need all the assistance you can get. It’s a good idea if you’re having trouble remembering which NPCs you’ve previously encountered and which areas you still need to visit. Consider checking out our guides on Elden Ring’s numerous character types and useful recommendations.


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