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PayPal removed from App Store in Russia


As a multinational organisation, PayPal stands with Ukraine’s people in opposing Russia’s armed invasion of Ukraine.

Due to the continuing invasion of Ukraine, PayPal has stated that it would be halting its services in Russia.

A statement sent by PayPal CEO Dan Schulman to iMore reads: “PayPal stands with the world community in denouncing Russia’s aggressive military intervention in Ukraine,” Schulman says. With governments and partners in close cooperation, we have ensured that PayPal is fully compliant with all relevant laws and penalties. PayPal services in Russia have been suspended as a result of the present situation.


the remaining send and receive functions including Xoom, the company’s Russian service for sending money abroad, have been put on hold. New account requests in Russia have been halted by PayPal, and the company plans to phase down domestic services in Russia by mid-2020.

As the crisis continues, PayPal says that in addition to helping those in need in Ukraine and elsewhere who have fled for their lives, it is also working to provide support for those who have been directly impacted by the crisis: employees and their families, as well as customers and small businesses that have been adversely affected.

PayPal said it would “continue to support humanitarian initiatives to help individuals in Ukraine who are coping with catastrophic violence and sad loss” in the wake of the conflict.


“This is one of the greatest fundraising initiatives we’ve seen in such a short period of time,” a business spokeswoman told iMore. The firm has helped generate more than $150 million for charitable causes.

Payments will continue to be processed “for a period of time” to ensure balances are distributed in accordance with relevant rules and regulations, PayPal stated.

As a result of the Russian invasion, PayPal and other digital corporations have withdrawn or suspended services in Russia. After announcing earlier this week that would no longer be selling items in Russia, Apple also de-platformed state-sponsored news sources including Russia Today and Sputnik.


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To send and receive money, PayPal is one of the most popular iPhone applications, but it is also a crucial tool for small companies to handle safe payments. Source


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