OnePlus 11 rumors and what we want to see


In 2023, we can’t wait to see what the OnePlus 11 has to offer, even if we don’t anticipate it to be released for a long, long time.

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Even though the Nord line is expected to see several new devices from OnePlus, this will likely be the company’s first phone of the year. We’ll have to wait and see whether it’s one of the greatest Android phones of the year, based on the past several models in the series.

So yet, there haven’t been many OnePlus 11 rumours. A rumour hub would normally be created, but until we hear anything significant, we’ve put up a wish-list that you may read below.


OnePlus 11 release date and pricing

Likely, OnePlus 11 family will emerge in the first few months of this year – maybe staggered by area, but preferably at one huge launch event as for the company’s prior phones.

It’s difficult to gauge the pricing since there wasn’t a’standard’ OnePlus 10, which would have had a premium but not super-premium price.

In other words, we know how much the OnePlus 11 Pro will cost since its predecessor sold for about $899 / £799 (around AU$1,400). The price will be lower if a gadget that isn’t a Pro is released.


The OnePlus 11: what we hope to see

Here are a few things we’d like to see in the OnePlus 11, based on our experience with the OnePlus 10 Pro and other Android devices.

1. A non-Pro version

Yes, but is it truly “Pro” since there is no “Standard” version of the OnePlus 10 Pro? For whatever reason, OnePlus’ single flagship phone of 2022 got the suffix “2022” attached to it.

There is just one phone in the OnePlus family, hence OnePlus has to stick to a fixed pricing. Those looking for a more inexpensive or super-premium option will have nothing to choose from.


At the very least, we’d want to see a Lite, Ultra or Pro Plus version of the OnePlus 11 on the market.

2. A less convoluted launch

The OnePlus 10 Pro didn’t get the hype it deserved when it was unveiled with a lot of noise and ceremony, and that was a shame.

At first, the smartphone was only available in China; it was unveiled to the rest of the world at MWC 2022 in February and then again in April, when it went on sale in selected countries.


Because of this, the OnePlus 10 Pro was out of date by the time it was actually available for purchase. Ideally, the whole process could be streamlined in 2023 so that consumers don’t have to put off purchasing the OnePlus 11 for many months.

3. Charging equality

80W fast charging ensured that the OnePlus 10 Pro could go from zero to 100 percent in the time it takes you to watch an episode of your favourite sitcom….

Unless, of course, you’re a resident of the United States. While the OnePlus 10 Pro is still quick, it isn’t as quick as an 80W model would be.

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We’d prefer that the OnePlus 11’s charging speeds be on par with those of the OnePlus 10, so that customers in the United States don’t get a worse device.

4. A better zoom camera

While the 3.3x telephoto lens on the OnePlus 10 Pro lets you zoom further than some similarly priced rivals, we do like seeing ‘Pro’ devices that get you 5x or even 10x further away (though maybe that latter is more of a ‘Ultra’ feature), the OnePlus 10 Pro isn’t the best phone for zoom photography.

There are certain drawbacks to the 8MP sensor that comes with this lens, including the fact that it limits the amount of digital zoom that can be achieved.


The OnePlus 11 should put greater emphasis on zoom photography so that photographers have more opportunities to shine.

5. A smaller alternative

The OnePlus 10 Pro is a large phone, which is good since it gives you a lot of screen real estate, but it might be uncomfortable to handle for those with tiny hands.

To accommodate to those who don’t want a gigantic monster, we’d want the OnePlus 11 to arrive in a smaller form factor, as we’ve requested.


It’s nothing new for Samsung or Xiaomi to accomplish this, since the Samsung Galaxy 12 is a smaller phone than prior models. So, perhaps, OnePlus will follow suit as well.

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