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One another reason to quit Safari and use Chrome on macOS


The fastest browser in the world, according to Google, is Google Chrome on a Mac mini M1 or MacBook Pro M1.

Senior Director of Chrome Engineering Max Christoff announced this accomplishment in a blog post on the Chromium website. Using the Apple-developed Speedometer 2.0 browser test, Chrome version M99 on Macs equipped with Apple M1 CPUs achieved the highest-ever score of 300 points.

Even Safari, the default browser on Mac OS X, was beaten by Chrome by a 7% overall margin and a 15% overall advantage in graphics performance. Compared to when it was first introduced on M1 Macs in October of 2020, the macOS Chrome app has had a cumulative performance improvement of 43%.


Be aware that all tests were run on a 14-inch MacBook Pro with an M1 Max CPU and 64GB of RAM, which is the most powerful configuration available. Try these tests on a lesser-powered Mac, such a Mac mini or MacBook Air, and chances are they’ll come up with a lower result. If the performance gaps persist even with less powerful M1 CPUs and smaller RAM amounts, Chrome should still be preferable to Safari.

Likewise, Christoff had some exciting news to offer with those using Chrome on Android devices. However, he didn’t disclose any specifics on how long it took for the browser to become 15 percent quicker at loading websites.

Chrome has a reputation for using a large portion of your device’s resources, although recent releases have made some progress in that direction. If you’re still using a browser that drains your device’s resources, at least you’ll gain some speed back in return. Source


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