Oculus Quest 2 is receiving a major update now


The ability to multitask is now widely available.

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Any Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2 user may look forwards to the release of Oculus Quest v39, a new version with some exciting new features. In addition to multitasking, iOS devices may also connect to one other through Bluetooth headsets.

There will be a “gradual rollout” of the v39 upgrade over the next few weeks, according to Facebook parent company Meta. As a result, all users will be able to experience multitasking without needing to go into the Experimental Features menu.


The v30 version introduced multitasking last year, allowing users to open several windows and programmes at the same time. By default, the function was turned off, and users were given the option to turn it on at any time. Launching an app from the Quest taskbar and then dragging it to an open window besides the Quest browser is possible with this capability.

With a few “bits of polish around the edges,” it’s now available to the general public. If the programme allows for many windows to be active at the same time, you’ll be able to choose which one you wish to restore from the Universal Menu. Switching between applications and reverting to the one that was open before is also made easy by Meta.

Android v37, which debuted “sharing to headset” on Android back in January, will have the same functionality on iOS. In theory, you should be able to swiftly and simply send whatever VR material you have on your phone to your headset.


Make sure your Quest headset is turned on and Bluetooth is enabled before you may use it. Click on Share > Oculus App > Open Now and then choose your VR headset from your phone’s web browser. When you put the headset on, the connection will open immediately.

Additionally, you may have noticed that the logo for the Meta Quest browser has changed. As far as your virtual browsing experience is concerned, it shouldn’t have any effect.

The v39 update is now being rolled out, however it may take some time for it to reach your headset. In the Experimental Features menu, you may always opt-in to the prior version if you can’t wait. To use this feature, go to Settings > Experimental and turn it on.


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