Now watch Astros-Angels on Apple TV+ in simple steps


In the second game of the night, the Houston Astros face the Los Angeles Angels at Angel Stadium in the inaugural game of Major League Baseball on Apple TV+.

Source: MLB

Shohei Ohtani became the first player to both throw and receive the first pitch of the season for a club when he threw and received the first pitch of the season for the Astros in game one of the series. Here’s how to watch the second game of the series, which begins at 9:30 p.m. ET.

Using Apple TV+, how can I watch the Houston Astros vs. Los Angeles Angels matchup?


The Astros take on the Angels in a baseball game.’s Friday Night Baseball section has listings for each live game, which you can access by scrolling down.

Simply touch or click on the game’s icon while you’re there to begin your watching. To watch the game on any compatible device, just start the TV+ app and choose the game from the list. To view Friday Night Baseball on Apple TV+, you may have to swipe left. In order to watch the game live, there will be no stop, fast-forward, or other playback features.


Alternatively, if a game is available in your area, the MLB.TV app may connect you to the Apple TV app.

In what time slot does Apple TV+ show the Houston Astros against Los Angeles Angels game on Apple TV+?

9:30 p.m. ET is the planned start time for the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Angels game, which will be streamed live on ESPN+.

When the Houston Astros take on the Los Angeles Angels on Apple TV+, who will be the voice of the Astros?
This matchup will be called by Stephen Nelson, Hunter Pence, Katie Nolan, and Heidi Watney, with Lauren Gardner hosting the pre- and postgame programme.


Is Apple TV+ required to see the Astros play the Angels in Houston?

No, Apple TV+ does not include this game for free. Apple has stated that at least the first 12 weeks of the season would be televised for free to anybody with internet connection for a total of 24 games on Friday Night Baseball on Apple TV+.

If you don’t take advantage of the three-month free trial offered with the purchase of most Apple goods, you’ll have to pay $4.99 a month for Apple TV+ once the trial period expires. A 7-day free trial of Apple’s products is also available on the company’s website.

Are there any Apple TV+-enabled devices that I can use to watch the Astros vs. Angels on Apple TV+?

The following devices will be able to play the game:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod Touch
  • Mac
  • Apple TV 4K & HD
  • Smart TVs with the Apple TV/TV+ app including Samsung, LG, Panasonic, and Sony
  • PlayStation and Xbox gaming consoles
  • Cable set-top boxes
  • Amazon Fire TV and Roku devices
  • Chromecast with Google TV

You can also just watch online at on any device with internet access.

Is the Astros-Angels game in Houston being aired anywhere?

The following nations will be able to see the game:

The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and South Korea.


The Los Angeles Angels vs. the Houston Astros on Apple TV+ may be seen with a VPN.

Nine nations, including the United States, have access to Apple’s MLB broadcasts. It’s possible to circumvent Apple’s geographical limitations by using a VPN, but because they are dependent on your Apple ID location, it’s nearly assured that this won’t work.

To view the Astros-Angels game on Apple TV+, do I need an Apple ID?

To watch the first 24 Friday Night Baseball games on Apple TV+, you will need an Apple ID to log in and access the service. If you need help creating a new Apple ID, check out our tutorial. There is no need to provide any financial information in order to see the game.

Can I get cable to see the Astros-Angels game in Houston?

No, you can’t watch the Astros vs. Angels game on MLB.TV or any cable channel. For Apple TV+, it’s only available.


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