Nothing Phone 1 — What you need to know


The Nothing Phone 1 is going to rival Apple and Samsung

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The Nothing Phone 1 is confirmed, and this entrepreneur is attempting to build something genuinely uncommon. Nothing Ear 1, the firm behind the Nothing Ear 1, is making a comeback with a new smartphone that promises to be groundbreaking.

Founder Carl Pei, who helped launch the OnePlus phone brand, has the credentials to do so. It’s possible that the Nothing Phone 1 may fill the void left by OnePlus’ departure from its initial objective of offering high-end specifications at an affordable price.


All the information you need about Pei’s new startup can be found on our Nothing event live blog. As of right now, though, the following is everything we know about the Nothing Phone.

Nothing Phone 1 cheat sheet: What you need to know

  • The Nothing Phone 1 is due in summer 2022.
  • Nothing indicates that it will deliver a really distinctive and iconic phone design, but it hasn’t demonstrated what the Phone 1 will look like.. yet..
  • The Nothing Phone 1 will be powered by a Qualcomm processor, albeit we don’t know which one yet.
  • Nothing in the world of operating systems claims to be quick, smooth, and intelligent. The applications on your device should open and exit very quickly.
  • Updates to the operating system and security will be available for the first four years of ownership of the Nothing Phone 1.
  • When it comes to adding a personal touch, nothing beats the voice recorder’s use of dot matrix typefaces and vintage visual components.
  • There is no guarantee that third-party items like AirPods and Tesla automobiles will work seamlessly with the operating system.

When can I get the Nothing Phone 1?

The Nothing Phone 1 is arriving “summer 2022.” Carl Pei, the phone’s creator, acknowledged the phone’s existence and name in a Wired interview and at the Nothing event.

There’s no info on the pricing at this time. Although Carl Pei helped establish OnePlus as a low-cost, luxury brand, we may anticipate a pricing that undercuts significant competitors like the Samsung Galaxy S22 or the impending OnePlus 10 Pro, or even the already inexpensive Google Pixel 6.


According to Carl’s remarks at the Nothing event, direct sales have been successful for him, so we should anticipate that trend to continue.

Nothing Phone 1 design

The exterior of the Nothing Phone 1 is still a mystery, however the images supplied at the Wired by Nothing event may imply the appearance of the phone’s back, with a stadium-shaped camera block in the upper left corner.

For Carl Pei, the design is “like nothing you’ve ever seen before,” he said.

(Image credit: WIRED)

On Twitter, leaker Evan Blass posted a photograph of Carl Pei holding what seemed to be a phone-sized gadget. A lot of it is obscured by the haze.

One theory is that the phone’s back might be made of glass. Nothing Ear 1’s transparent form, as well as a business tweet, hint that the Phone 1 will transport us back to the days of feature phones and other transparent technologies. Here’s an idea from Yanko Design that shows what we’re talking about.

Nothing Phone 1: Nothing OS

We have a better idea of how the phone’s UI will appear. Images we’ve seen so far show an always-on display, rounded app icons, unique Nothing widgets, and the company’s renowned black and white design language.


In Nothing OS, the finest of Android and its “iconic design language” are integrated, according to nothing. Pre-installed apps and a near-stock Android experience account for around 40% of the total.

(Image credit: Yanko Design)

In order to provide a smooth experience, Nothing has unified its visuals across all displays. When you unlock the smartphone, the dot matrix clock on the always-on display is in the same location.

Furthermore, Nothing is emphasising its own own visual language via the use of custom fonts and colours. The weather widget, for example, employs the same dot matrix typeface as the corporate logo, which results in some visually appealing motion.


Apps like the voice recorder app from Nothing offer a fun, nostalgic flavour. You may use the analogue tape wheel to rewind and fast forwards.

In order to familiarise yourself with the Nothing Phone 1, the company has produced an alternate launcher for other smartphones. We’re not happy with what we saw in the launcher peek, and it’s contributing to the impression that Nothing’s phone is more hype than substance.

Operating system upgrades are scheduled for three years, and security updates for four years.


Nothing Phone 1 specifications and performance

The Nothing Phone 1’s specifications are still unknown, although the company has partnered with Qualcomm to develop the device. This means that a Snapdragon processor, maybe the flagship-grade Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, is on the way.

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The Nothing Phone 1 also claims “quick and smooth performance” by giving the optimum processing power and RAM customers require for the particular programme they’re operating. If you utilise a lot of applications, the Phone 1 will be able to launch them quicker.

This would only be possible with an OLED panel, based on the pictures’ depiction of an always-on display. A high refresh rate in accordance with more costly Android phones’ norm of 120Hz is hoped for as well.


Nothing Phone 1: Outlook

In the last several years, the Android smartphone world has decreased due to the absence of LG, HTC, and other firms. And Samsung’s dominance has perhaps gotten stale for those seeking something really new and interesting. We’re hopeful that the Nothing 1 will make an impact, but this upstart company has a lot to prove in a fiercely competitive industry.

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