NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears should go for one of these players


The Chicago Bears will be ecstatic after the first round of the NFL Draft in 2022. Many of the names predicted to go in the first round did, with the exception of a couple that haven’t yet been eliminated.

There were shocks this year, as there are every year, not only in the selections. Several notable players were traded, including A.J. Brown and Marquise “Hollywood” Brown, throughout the night.

The Pittsburgh Steelers selected quarterback Kenny Pickett in the first round, which was one of the most surprise outcomes of the draught. If a club wants to trade up in the draught to get a quarterback in Round 2, the Bears may be a good fit.


In terms of the second round, the Bears are spoiled for choice.

Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears should be in good shape for the second round of the 2022 NFL Draft.
For Chicago, Poles has the opportunity to fix some key gaps with a wide pool of talent and multiple first-round prospects still available. Of course, the offensive line, wide receivers, and cornerbacks are just a few of the obvious ones that need to be addressed.

Linebacker, safety, and defensive lineman are also needed by the Bears. However, it is unclear in what sequence the Poles intend to assault those forces.


The Bears have the No. 39 selection in the second round and the No. 7 pick in the second round. Even if it’s only a few of choices, might they be attempting to move up? Some players are worth moving up for, even if it may seem ridiculous.

Moving up a few spots may get the Bears one of these game-changing players. Despite this, these three might provide first-round talent on Day 2.


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