New spinoff series for Yellowstone will be set in a different era


The cosmos of Yellowstone is ever-expanding.

The Dutton family is getting a lot of attention from Paramount Plus. The streamer has revealed (via Entertainment Weekly) that a new spin-off series called 1932 is in the works for the Yellowstone world.

During a time of western expansion, prohibition, and the Great Depression, this spin-off series will follow a new Dutton generation. We don’t know which members of the family the series will follow, but we’re eager to learn more about the Yellowstone ecosystem.


Even die-hard Yellowstone fans will be aware that 1932 isn’t the first spin-off from the series. The first season of 1883 premiered on Paramount Plus last year, and fresh episodes are being released regularly. A genesis narrative is explored in the Tim McGraw lead spin-off, which focuses on how the Dutton family came to hold the property that became the Yellowstone Ranch in the end.

Besides announcing 1932, Paramount also revealed new 1883 plans. If this suggests a second season, it’s more probable than not that the initial collection of episodes will be expanded.

The fourth season of Yellowstone, which aired last month, was a rating bonanza for Paramount. It’s no surprise that the network is utilising the show’s success to promote its Paramount Plus streaming subscription. There are just a few original shows on Netflix, and 1883 is one of them. The news that a sequel is in the works will delight viewers.


VP of ViacomCBS Chris McCarthy said: “With the creative imagination and amazing storytelling of Taylor Sheridan, we have built a completely new world to explore with 1883 while extending ‘Yellowstone,’ and with 1932 we will open up a new chapter in this fast-expanding universe.”

To “fuel record growth for both streaming and traditional products,” McCarthy emphasised the need of franchising successful titles. As a result, it seems that Paramount has no intention of slowing down the growth of the Yellowstone world anytime soon.


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