New software version for Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 and Buds Live adds 360 Audio


As far back as 2021, Samsung’s only wearable supporting Dolby 360 Audio was the Galaxy Buds Pro. Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds Live have received a software upgrade from Samsung that brings them closer to the Pro model.

image credits: gsmarena

It is comparable to Apple’s Spatial Audio in that the sound always comes from the screen, even if you walk around or tilt your head. 360 Audio is based on Dolby Head Tracking technology.

In order to take use of the functionality, you’ll need a Samsung phone running the latest version of One UI (version 3.1 or above) on your Galaxy Buds 2 or Live.


Release code R177XXU0AVC8 (for Buds 2) or R180XXU0AVC2 is assigned to the little (3 MB) upgrade (for Buds Live). Improved call quality, Bluetooth connection, and general stability are among the other benefits.

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