New Google Play Store policy bans call-recording apps


A new era of Android consumer protection.

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As of May 11, Google’s Play Store will implement additional consumer safeguards and restrictions on third-party applications’ use of the Accessibility API, making it impossible for such apps to record phone conversations.

Starting today, the Play Store is beginning a year-long policy change that will affect real-money games and news applications. In spite of Google’s professed good intentions, the company’s moves have already been criticised online.


Application Programming Interface (API) restrictions

In order for persons with impairments to be able to utilise their applications, developers may use the Accessibility API. If you’re a “…person with motor impairments,” you should use a screen reader or a speech function instead.

Developers have used this API to circumvent Android’s privacy safeguards and enable remote call recording or to modify a user’s device settings without their permission, according to Google.

In addition to the modifications to the API, Google is extending its Misleading Claims section and implementing a Families Ads Program to guarantee that adverts in applications are acceptable for children of all ages.


Those who haven’t complied with these new rules will have their apps deleted from the Play Store within 30 days of its announcement.

Apps that give actual rewards in gaming will be subject to a crackdown in the latter part of the year, as will news apps that are required to disclose information about their owner and the sources of their articles.

a comment from a programmer

“…kill call recording applications once and for all..” That’s what one Android app developer on Reddit is saying about the API update.


It’s not good for consumers, says ACR Call Recorder’s creator, since it will lead to customers turning to less trustworthy businesses for call recording services. The developer is concerned that customers would download malware-infected software from untrusted sources.

Google’s most recent webinar video on the policy change has also been criticised by the developer. The video now claims that third-party phone applications can access call audio, but the creator denies this. Only Android’s built-in phone app has access.

Developers will eventually discover a solution for the current Google regulations since the Android operating system is open-source.


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