Netflix secrets tips that every power streamer must know


With these Netflix master-streamer techniques, you’ll be in complete command of your next Netflix binge.

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A real crime documentary or the current season of The Witcher or Stranger Things may have you dreaming about the Bridgerton actors, or you may be watching Netflix nonstop all day and night.

Netflix, on the other hand, provides a number of little-known options that might enhance your browsing and watching experience. You can use these quick-fire tips and tricks to become a power-streamer on Netflix, whether you’re looking for a specific entry from the best Netflix movie collections or trying to improve your Netflix recommendations by culling those series that didn’t have a chance of making the best Netflix TV show lists.


Allow Netflix’s Smart Downloads feature to automatically download content to your device

With no mobile data reception, we’ve all been there—stuck in heavy traffic, on a plane, or on a train or subway, with nothing to do except wait. If you let Netflix’s Smart Downloads function run, it might be your saviour during those times when your internet connection is unavailable.

As long as you give Smart Downloads permission to use some of your mobile device’s storage, it will begin downloading shows and movies in the background while you continue to use your other apps. When you’re unable to connect to a network to watch streaming content, your device will already be loaded with content to watch offline based on your previous watching patterns, ready to be accessed when you need it. To make use of this feature, go to Netflix’s mobile applications and choose Downloads.

Recall that downloading content for later viewing in a more convenient location is an option, as well.


A Netflix history purge may help you get better suggestions.

You may use Netflix’s recommendation system to help you discover new stuff to watch. Nevertheless, it is limited in its ability to suggest depending on the content you see. As a result, if you and your family use the same account, your suggestions may be biassed away from the content you find most enjoyable.

You may clean up Netflix’s predictions of what you’ll enjoy by eliminating previously watched items from your Netflix profile. Right-click on a programme and choose “Hide from Viewing Activity” on the browser’s “My Viewing Activity” tab; it’s the ghostbusters logo-shaped button to your right. Netflix will learn from this and avoid recommending shows based on that show’s popularity.

Use this app to find out what’s available on Netflix and elsewhere

Sometimes you just want to sit back and watch Netflix without any specific goal in mind and see what comes up. However, there are situations when you need a certain software to be available at a given moment. As a Netflix subscriber, it may be something you’ve had your eye on for a long time, or maybe something you’ve seen elsewhere and want to watch again, or perhaps something fresh that you’ve been expecting to see on the site.


Manually searching Netflix for that programme is certainly an option. It’s also possible to utilise the JustWatch app (available for both iOS and Android, in addition to PC) to access a wide range of additional streaming services from Disney+ to Amazon Prime and beyond. There are many other services and digital storefronts where you may rent or buy a movie or TV show that isn’t available on Netflix. If you have a Samsung, LG, or Amazon Fire TV device, you may also use the JustWatch app to browse the Internet while sitting on your couch.

For really targeted searches, use category codes

If you’ve ever paid attention to Netflix’s suggestions, you’ll notice that they’re quite particular. Interested in horror films with strong female protagonists? The term “Satanic tales” might also be used. However, Netflix’s collection is powered by some pretty complex categorisation and file systems, but the curation cherry selects what it thinks you’ll be interested in.

Using a simple search strategy, you can look for the numeric codes for each of these category combinations at the following URL: (replacing all those Xs with the appropriate number). Netflix codes may be found at – or you can just type in a random number and see what happens.


Regain control of Netflix playback with these handy shortcuts.

Many different TV programmes and mobile Netflix applications provide a variety of ways to manage your viewing, but if you watch Netflix on your computer often, you can use your browser’s built-in playback shortcuts to expedite your viewing and get total command over the streams you’re watching. Initiate with these:

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