Netflix and The CW recently cancelled three more shows


Fans were left wondering why three programmes were cancelled.

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There are other streaming services cutting down on original programming as well, and Netflix isn’t the only one doing it. Even the popular DC programme Gotham City Sirens has been cancelled by the CW, and its supporters are quick to point the finger at low ratings.

Which fandoms, therefore, have reason to be displeased? On April 29, Netflix announced the cancellation of the animated series Boons and Curses, not to be confused with Bone, which was cancelled last month. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has also cancelled Dino Daycare, another children’s cartoon.


Both shows were reportedly cancelled due to a lack of progress in the creative process for one reason or another. In Dino Daycare, a 6-year-old kid takes care of dinosaurs in a nursery, while in Boons and Curses, a young South Asian warrior is cursed to be formed of butter. As part of Netflix’s ongoing series of projects involving Asian American producers and leads, it was featured on the company’s website.

The CW has cancelled DC’s Legends of Tomorrow after its seventh season, according to Variety. “The CW has informed us that there will be no season 8,” tweeted showrunner Keto Shimizu. “We are sorry, but also enormously appreciative for the great work our actors, crew, and writers have given to the little show that might,” she said. ” They employed both characters from The Flash and characters from Arrow to populate their world.

What’s going on here, and why?

Perhaps Netflix’s decision to axe Boons & Curses and Dino Daycare was motivated by the company’s desire to focus on shows with more well-known characters. The latest Netflix press email teases new and returning programmes including Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, Boss Baby, and Sonic Prime. At the very least, that is what it seems to be. We Lost Our Human (starring Ben Schwartz and Ayo Edebiri), Daniel Spellbound, and My Dad the Bounty Hunter are among the less well-known titles on the list.


However, the cast and fans of Boons and Curses are displeased. Crew members have taken to social media to express their displeasure. “Netflix doesn’t know what they’re doing” and “Netflix’s internal explanation” were among the several tweets from Marcy Molly “Bones” Jones, a storyboard artist at Netflix. Jones was quoted as saying “For the most part, we were informed their major reason for cancelling was because they couldn’t decide whether it belonged in an action or a comedy lineup. I’m confident you’ll be able to come to your own conclusions about it.”

One Netflix user even went so far as to say that they had cancelled their service because of the cancellation of Boons and Curses:

The Legends of Tomorrow television series, on the other hand? Variety’s report offers no explanation as to why the show was cancelled. According to Screen Rant, the CW is slashing costs as WarnerMedia and ViacomCBS prepare to sell the network.


Tweeter failwolf1 pointed out that LoT was performing better than other of The CW’s other written programmes, with a year-over-year improvement in the 18 to 49-year-old demographic, and was also The CW’s only scripted show to have an increase in ratings.

How much more costly is Riverdale than Legends? No, I don’t see anything else here. We’re on the lookout for any logical conclusions that could emerge.


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