NBC rescue this canceled TV show almost after 30 years


A complete series order has recently placed for Quantum Leap.

image via NBC

If you’ve been watching television lately, you’ve probably noticed how often programmes get cancelled. However, whether or not it’s warranted, NBC has ordered a full season of Quantum Leap back to the small screen (via The Hollywood Reporter).

In January, NBC-owned Peacock commissioned a pilot for the return, and if that sounds familiar, it’s because it was. Under the autumn of 2022/23, the series is likely to be in official consideration for the fall schedule after the pilot episode was completed.


A sequel to the original programme rather than a complete reboot, Quantum leap is a continuation of the previous series. 30 years have passed after the original series ended, and the Quantum Leap machine and its inventor, Dr. Sam Beckett, have both been activated (Scott Bakula).

Efforts to uncover the riddles of the Quantum Leap machine, as well as what happened to Beckett, have been relaunched by a new team of researchers.

Putting things right, that once went wrong” was Sam Beckett’s mantra throughout the whole five-season series as he travelled back and forth between the past and the present. The episode concluded with a mystery bartender telling Sam that he could always go back in time if he wanted to.


Sam decides to keep rewriting history and putting things right since he knows that by doing so, he has already made the world a better place. Though it has been reported that multiple other endings were filmed, the finale closed with a caption card stating that Sam never came home.

The cancellation of Quantum Leap necessitated the addition of subtitles at the last minute, something that fans were not pleased with. There have been several efforts to bring the programme back, but now it seems that this specific mistake will be corrected once and for all.

In addition to Raymond Lee (Kevin Can F*** Himself), Nanrisa Lee (Bosch), Mason Alexander Park (Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop), Caitlin Bassett, and Ghostbusters legend Ernie Hudson, the new Quantum Leap includes a stellar cast.


Executive producers Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt (La Brea, God Friended Me) will write the scripts for the programme. Additionally, Deborah Pratt, Blindspot creator Martin Gero, and Quantum leap creator Don Bellisario are executive producers.

It was believed that Scott Bakula would have a role in the sequel, but he hasn’t been confirmed yet. As a result, Sam Beckett may not return for some time — or at all — if ever.

It’s not yet known whether the show will air on NBC or if it will just be available to see on Peacock. In spite of the lack of specifics, the good news is that a programme that was abruptly cancelled will return to the air shortly.


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