Most Commented Post On Instagram


What is it about Instagram that makes it so popular? Famous celebrities, lovely newborns, incredible performers, adorable pets, and much more. Right? But which of them has the most commented posts on Instagram? If you’re curious about who is winning the race to be the most commented post on Instagram, this post offers the names of the secret victors for you.

Most Commented Post On Instagram

Likes and comments are significant in the Internet world and have the power to modify any algorithm. Remember how, in 2019, an egg post shattered all records and became the most liked post on Instagram? Unfortunately, it is now only the fourth most commented post on Instagram and not at the top.

With a single post, he was crowned champion. But Hold On!!! What was the topic of the post? How many people have liked this post? Maintain your interest and information about this suspense content by reading.


The Most Commented Post On Instagram

The internet world is very strange!

Sometimes, a small thing can get fame and the bigger one…..Ahhhh, negligence!!

Yes, the list has got the names of popular celebrities like Kylie Jenner, but sorry Kylie! Her post holds the fifth position to be the most Commented Post on Instagram. Dive below to know which posts have more comments than Kylie.

1.Alexandros Kopsialis43.8 Million
2.XXXTentacion10.4 Million
3.Sidhu Moose Wala5.3 Million
4.Asorloth3.5 Million
5.One Direction3.4 Million
6.World Record Egg3.4 Million
7.Kylie Jenner & Stormi1.9 Million

1. Alexandros Kopsialis (Giveaway- 43.8 Million Comments)

Alexandros Kopsialis, a Greek influencer/YouTuber, has the most commented post on Instagram.

You’ll be surprised to see that the post has nearly 44 million comments as of now.


43.8 Million!!!

That is a large number.

But what made this piece unique was that it was about a giveaway with three prizes for the winners.

  • A car Fiat 500 Sport Automatic.
  • An iPhone 12 pro, 128GB
  • A Playstation 5
  • A complete line of La Vie En Rose face and body cosmetics.

2. XXXTentacion (Last Goodbye- 10.4 Million Comments)

The following most-commented-on post will crush your heart!

Nothing can make up for the loss of a great soul!


And if the death is unintentional, all we can do is bemoan the fact that we won’t be able to see the person we care about the most in his final hours.

The tragic death of XXXTentacion, an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and musician, did the same.

The singer’s real name was “Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy.” He had 18.9 million Instagram followers. Following his death, his followers couldn’t help but wish him well in the afterlife. With 10.4 million comments, his one post on his account became the most discussed post on Instagram.


3. Sidhu Moose Wala (Want It To Happen?- 5.3 Million Comments)

SIDHU MOOSE WALA, an Indian Punjabi musician with over 5.9 million followers, has broken the record with 3 million comments in 24 hours on his Instagram post.

Indians love Punjabi music, and this frenzy caused his article to be the most commented on!


How are you perplexed?

It was very easy!

He challenged his Instagram followers to set a goal of 5.3 million comments if they want to release the “Moose Tape” teaser.


4. About To Strike! (Pictures By Alexander Sørloth- 3.5 Million Comments)

Do you enjoy watching soccer?

If you answered yes, there is a pst of your interest! It is a post by Asorloth, also known as Alexander Srloth. He is a well-known Norwegian professional footballer for his goals and strikes. This is a good post.


This post has received 182K Likes and 3.5 million comments, making it one of the most discussed posts on Instagram.

5. One Direction To Be A Family (Campfire- 3.4 Million Comments)

Guys! Have you seen the latest One Direction collaboration?


Ah! Don’t claim you didn’t notice!

Damn! Why?

They recently shared a post with Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin. It is an animated image of four lads sitting around a campfire with him.


Hm! They might be starting a family now!

By far, this post has received 3 million likes and 3.4 million live comments.

6. The World Record Egg (Egg Picture: 3.4 Million Comments)

A photo of an egg, which is also known as the most-liked image on Instagram, has a lot of comments!


Its Instagram post has received almost 3.4 million responses.

Creator Of 'World Record Egg' Photo Junks Indian Boy's Claim Of Making It  Famous

In its description, world record egg says:

“Let’s set a world record by having the most liked Instagram post.” surpassing Kylie Jenner’s current global record (18 million)! We’ve got this????”


This image was uploaded on January 4, 2019.

7. Kylie Jenner And Stormi (Post of innocence- 1.9 Million Comments)

Kylie Jenner Birth Announcement: Her Baby's Full Name, Revealed

The internet has been ruled by this mother-daughter duo’s sweetness, and one of Kylie’s posts has been the most liked video on Instagram.

To many, seeing her name on a list of the most discussed posts on the Internet isn’t a huge thing.



It’s because Kylie Jenner, with 237 million followers on Instagram, is one of the most popular celebrities.

Since the day it was uploaded on February 7, 2018, this post of her child, Stormi, grasping Kylie’s thumb has received over 1.9 million comments.


Final Thoughts

So, these are the most commented-on Instagram posts. All of these posts have made a significant impact on the Instagram community.

It is evident that there is a significant difference in comments between the posts ranked first and second in terms of most commented on Instagram. We also know the season for such a large difference. After all, it was a giveaway, and who doesn’t love freebies worth millions of dollars?

Now it’s your chance to tell us in the comments section which of these posts deserves to be the greatest.


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