Microsoft updates Windows 365 Cloud PC with new features and File Explorer tabs


“Hybrid work” modes, in which employees can use their own computers to access company services while working from home or at the office, have been improved by Microsoft with new features for Windows 11 and its suite of apps.

Working from home or on the road has never been easier with Microsoft’s cloud-based virtual PC solution, Windows 365. You can now run it as an app or use it as a virtual desktop, depending on your preferences. If you plan to use Windows 365 for an extended period of time, you can even set up your PC to boot directly into the operating system.

Windows 365 is cloud-based, but it can also be used offline. Any changes you’ve made will be synchronised when you next connect to the Internet. While at work, at home, or on a business trip, you can continue your work from where you left off.


Video conferencing appears to be here to stay, even in the wake of COVID. Teams for Windows 11 has received a few new features from Microsoft. These enhance the experience by blurring the background and keeping you in the centre of the picture. There will also be an improvement in noise suppression.

While under display cameras are becoming more common, the Eye contact feature adjusts where your eyes are looking so that you can have a more natural conversation. Initially, Qualcomm-powered devices will use the Snapdragon NPU to process all of this information.

Those who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as those who are learning a new language, will benefit from Microsoft’s Live Captions, which are currently under development. All Windows apps, not just Teams, will support Live Captions, allowing you to use it with other conference and streaming services as well.


The long-awaited productivity boost of tabs has arrived in the File Explorer. Originally slated for inclusion in Windows 10, this feature was later scrapped due to lack of interest. The file manager’s context-sensitive recommendations and tabs make it easier to keep track of everything in your Explorer windows (local files and ones from the cloud).

There are numerous other enhancements that will benefit both individuals and businesses. Here is a short video that focuses on the most important aspects of the event.

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