Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 early rumors — what we know so far


How much we’ve heard about the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 and what we’d want to know about it

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Rumors suggest that the second iteration of the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go will be available within the next few months. Since its first introduction in October 2020, the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go has been in need of an update. Don’t anticipate a huge makeover, at least according to rumours.

Windows Central’s Zac Bowden has provided the bulk of what we presently know about the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2. It’s expected to have an 11th Gen Intel Core CPU, but the price will remain the same, according to his sources. A new colour option is also likely to be added to the gadget.


Ahead of Microsoft’s next Surface Laptop Go 2, we’ve put together a list of all the rumoured features and specifications that we hope will be included in the device.

Speculation about the release date and pricing of the new Surface Laptop Go 2

The Surface Laptop Go 2 is scheduled to begin arriving in June, according to Windows Central’s sources. Microsoft has a habit of providing modest updates to its devices around this time, as the blog points out. However, given the current global supply crunch, this might all change. As a result of these supply issues, the Surface Laptop Go 2 may be delayed in certain areas.

It is possible that the gadget will have a starting price of $549. This was the initial launch price for the Surface Laptop Go. According to Windows Central, higher-end models would be priced at $699 and $899, which is the same price as the previous gadget.


A look at the design of the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2

As far as we know, the Surface Laptop Go 2 isn’t getting a substantial overhaul. Speculation claims it will appear like the existing model, but with a few tweaks. A 12.4-inch screen and similar dimensions are expected if the rumour is genuine. The laptop, on the other hand, is rumoured to have a new “Sage” colour scheme. According to reports, “Sandstone,” “Platinum,” and “Ice Blue” will also be available.

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Surface Laptop 2 may or may not include a backlit keyboard. Microsoft may not include this function in this laptop if it maintains the general design of the original. If the original didn’t have an illuminated keyboard, many people would be displeased.

Specifications of the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

The 11th generation Intel Core i5 processor is believed to be included in the Surface Laptop Go 2. According to reports, the entry-level model would come equipped with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, same like its predecessor. A Windows Central source said that the entry-level laptop will have 128GB of storage, but the site was unable to verify if this was for consumer or business models..


As far as we know, both versions with the most powerful processors and the highest storage capacities will feature 8GB of RAM each.

Surface Laptop 2 from Microsoft: What we’re hoping for

Surface Notebook Go was a competent but ordinary laptop, according to our opinion. That luxury look was achieved thanks to its metal lid, keyboard deck, as well as small bezels. For basic multitasking, its overall performance was adequate and its port choices achieved a good compromise between new and old. We were disappointed by the machine’s short battery life and sub-HD screen. There was a nagging suspicion that the laptop overheated.

Surface Laptop Go 2 is expected to be almost similar to its predecessor if rumours are correct. That’s a bummer, but considering that everything we know thus far is based on hearsay, we shouldn’t expect anything definitive.


The Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 should have these characteristics.

A CPU from Intel’s 12th generation

That the Surface Laptop Go 2 will be powered by an 11th generation Intel Core CPU rather than the 12th generation Alder Lake chip is a bit of a surprise. An 11th Gen CPU is an improvement above the laptop’s 10th Gen GPU, however most laptops produced in 2022 will have an 11th Gen processor.

We know it’s a big shot, but we’d love to see Microsoft release an Alder Lake-powered Surface Laptop Go 2 variant. This laptop range is meant to be affordable, but there are some people who are ready to fork up a little more money for a computer with better power. At the very least, we’d want to see a Surface Laptop Go 2 with a 12th generation processor.


Keyboards with backlighting

The Surface Laptop Go 2 may benefit from an illuminated keyboard. Because it was one of the most requested features of the original laptop, it would be an easy victory. Adding a function that’s almost common on today’s laptops can’t be that expensive for Microsoft, can it?

A high-definition television


Surface Laptop Go 2’s display (among other things) may not be upgraded, according to rumours. Hope this isn’t the case. As of 2020, Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Go’s 1536 x 1024-pixel display was barely tolerable and would likely not be suitable in 2022, even with a 12.4-inch display. We don’t believe it’s unreasonable to want a full HD display.

Battery life extension

Another simple victory would be a battery that lasts a long time. On our Tom’s Guide web surfing battery test, the original laptop lasted just 7 and a half hours, which isn’t long enough to carry you through a full workday. The Surface Laptop Go 2 should be able to run for 9 to 10 hours before requiring a recharge from Microsoft experts.


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