Microsoft reorganises its Android development teams


Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer (CPO) Panos Panay released an internal message to workers earlier this week announcing that the firm will reorganise its major Android teams. As reported by Windows Central, these teams include Microsoft’s Surface Duo OS, Swift Key, Phone Link, Microsoft Launcher, and a few more. “Android Microsoft Platform and Experiences” will be the name of the new internal Android group (Or AMPX).

A Microsoft official verified the following statement to Windows Central:

We do frequent business evaluations, just like any other company. As a result of this, we recently underwent a reorganisation in order to better serve our customers and partners.


For Android and Windows in the next few years, Microsoft is said to have “huge ideas.” The startup intends to extend Phone Link’s Android and Windows integration even further (formerly Your Phone). Ultimately, the idea is to promote Android as an extension of Windows in order to compete with Apple’s iPhone integration on MacOS.

As a result of the restructuring, new positions were created. A new team in charge of monitoring privacy, compliance, and security was formed under the leadership of Shilpa Ranganthan, who has taken over Linda Averett’s position as head of the Windows Project Management Office (PMO). Former Microsoft Surface CVP Ali Akgun will oversee the new AMPX organisation. Finally, the restructure has been claimed to have resulted in no layoffs.


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