Microsoft plans to launch Xbox TV streaming device


Microsoft, for example, may suddenly modify its approach in ways previously unimaginable thanks to cloud-based gaming platforms. Xbox CEO Phil Spencer made the announcement that Xbox games may be streamed to your TV “in the next 12 months” over a year and a half ago. In June 2021, Microsoft revealed that it will launch an Xbox streaming stick and a Smart TV app in the same timeframe.

Source: Microsoft

Xbox cloud-gaming streaming gadget, according to Venture Beat, will be introduced within the next 12 months. “People acquainted with the subject,” say this. The supply chain is expected to be constrained as a result of the invasion of Ukraine and lockdowns in China, both of which have created severe disruptions.

Such a gadget is expected to look somewhat like an Amazon Fire TV Stick or a Roku-like puck. Additionally, you’d have access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with this gadget.


According to reports, Microsoft and Samsung are developing this streaming software so that Samsung Smart TV users don’t even need to acquire a separate device for this reason. This too would go live during the following calendar year.

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