Microsoft Edge tipped with free VPN soon


There is a data limit on Microsoft Edge’s ability to use a free VPN for private surfing.

image via business insider

Following a recent leak by The Verge, Microsoft seems to be introducing a free VPN feature to its Edge browser.

In Microsoft’s opinion, Edge Secure Network provides all of the normal advantages of a VPN, including encryption, anonymization, and protection against online tracking.


Microsoft Edge helps keep you secure online,” the firm says.. The networks you join, however, may not be sufficiently protected. ” Protect your device and sensitive data when browsing with Microsoft Edge Secure Network.”

This might be a huge concern, given that Edge is pre-installed on all Windows 10 and 11 installations, which many have criticised. If Microsoft chooses to extensively market Edge Secure Network, those who have never used a VPN before may give it a try.

The service is not yet accessible, but the support page implies that Edge Insiders will be the first to get it. Because of these two flaws, it is unlikely to make our list of the top free VPN services.


Firstly, there are restrictions on how often you may use it. Edge Secure Network is limited to 1GB of monthly bandwidth by Microsoft. This is great for occasional users, but if you’re on the road a lot, you’ll rapidly hit that limit.

Secondly, and more crucially, Edge Secure Network demands that you check in with your Microsoft account in order to utilise it, which some consider a need for online privacy. “All bandwidth data necessary” is supposedly “immediately removed at the conclusion of the required service time,” but this still raises a few suspicions.

Microsoft claims it is “dedicated to privacy” and only collects “a minimal amount of diagnostic and support data” for the service offered by Cloudflare. Every 25 hours, it claims, this data is permanently erased.


It’s possible that some individuals will be turned off by these two negatives, but they’re probably not the target audience for the new service. We recommend our list of the best VPNs if you need a lot of protected data or wish to remain completely anonymous when browsing the web.

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