Leaked EU proposals indicate major iPhone upgrades


According to the European Union, “gatekeeping” is a term that will have a big influence on the way corporations like Apple will be able to govern their goods, applications, and services in Europe.

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An alleged new research highlights some of the EU’s forthcoming Digital Markets Act’s potential impacts to large tech giants like Apple.

MacRumors reports:


EU plans to implement substantial changes to how firms like Apple handle their goods, applications, and services in Europe, notably with relation to “gatekeeping,” according to a leaked working paper purported to represent the “final” version of the DMA discovered by MacRumors.

A major shift in Apple’s App Store business model on the iPhone 13 and other top iPhones and iPads, according to the report, would be forced upon the company if just one headline were to appear: “Apple will allow users to download apps from the internet and third party app stores and allow developers to use in-app payment systems of their choice and promote offers to users.

Changes in browser requirements might also be made, such that Apple no longer has the power to compel everyone to adopt WebKit. Other measures, according to reports, include requirements for end-to-end encryption, compatibility rules for particular services including texting, phone calling, and video applications.


DMA was authorised in March, but has not yet been made public. It is set to take effect in October, although Apple is expected to oppose it fiercely.

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