Kingdom Hearts IV launched at 20th anniversary event


Quadratum is the setting for the latest Kingdom Hearts game.

image credits: gameinformer

The development of Kingdom Hearts IV has been confirmed. Square Enix made the announcement during a celebration of the series’ 20th anniversary in Japan. The trailer for it is featured in the video above.

If you want to get a peek of Kingdom Hearts IV, you’ll have to wait until the 4:09 point of the teaser, which also contains scenes from the recently announced mobile game Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link.


A massive heartless arrives in the city as soon as the trailer begins, and Sora wakes up in an apartment. While parkouring and grappling with his Keyblade, Sora pursues the opponent. Towards the conclusion of the clip, Goofy and Donald Duck find themselves in the middle of a terrifying situation.

Although Square Enix cautions that the clip shows development footage that is “subject to change,” the visual style this time around appears a lot more realistic. Strelitzia is a new character introduced by Square Enix in a press release for Kingdom Hearts IV, which takes place in the city of Quadratum.

“Lost Master Arc” is the name of a new plotline that begins with Sora’s victorious return. First, gamers are exposed to Sora’s boss fight and the Quadratum, a vast and beautiful metropolis in a stunningly realistic setting that has never been seen before in the series. Donald and Goofy, two of Sora’s best friends from the previous games, return, as well as a mystery new figure, Strelitzia, who appears before Sora in this weird new surroundings.

Kingdom Hearts IV has yet to be given a release date. “Specific territories” will get a limited beta of Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link in August, according to Square Enix.


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