Is there a season 2 of The Dropout? Or will it be a spin-off?


If one celebrity gets their way, Elizabeth Holmes will not be the last person we see on the big screen.

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Elizabeth Holmes’ depiction by Amanda Seyfried may have some fans (and maybe one influential individual for this entire issue) eager for The Dropout season 2 to be released. Then how could you do it now? Seyfried portrayed Holmes’s frantic, powerful energy in such a way that you can believe she thinks she was right to do what she did.

However, a jury of Holmes’ peers disagreed. In other words, if there is a second season of The Dropout, it won’t be about her triumph after the Wall Street Journal story, but about her lengthy trial and conviction.


What was Holmes thinking about as the public’s attention became increasingly intense? Her thoughts on comedians’ impressions, perhaps?

In spite of this, Hulu (a leading streaming provider) and Seyfried have the potential to do more with The Dropout season 2 despite the fact that this is an adaptation of a completed podcast. Let’s have a look at the details:

Amanda Seyfried’s brain is home to the second season of The Dropout.

Amanda Seyfried told Variety that she was done with Holmes and the plot at initially “I had already reached a point where I had essentially given up on it. After we wrapped up filming, I thought to myself, “OK, well, that was good—I’m done.”” However, it didn’t last long at all.


And then [The Dropout] crept back in when we were doing publicity for the play, and then my attention was sparked again right after New Year’s [when] she was convicted.” Convicted: Rebecca Jarvis and Taylor Dunn, who created “The Dropout,” began messaging Seyfried about the news. And this sparked “a resurgence of interest” in Seyfried.

In that moment, Seyfried’s curiosity in Holmes’ current state of affairs was formed “I find myself asking, ‘What did you know?’ on a regular basis. What is she working on at the moment? ‘What is she pondering?'”

And when she responded, “God, I just want to get lost a little bit more!” some may have imagined she was intending to continue the exploration of the character on screen.


Why the second season of The Dropout is probably not going to happen.

It’s also possible that The Dropout season 2 will never materialise. The first thing to note is that the podcast it’s based on terminated in February 2019. What if they’re simply using the source material to operate the show? So they’re out of water.

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Second, The Dropout is referred to as a “limited series” in Hulu’s promotional materials. A one-off show is described in this way because it only lasts one time. As with WandaVision season 2, Disney Plus refers to it in the same manner (though the Agatha Harkness spin-off show is).

There’s also Elizabeth Meriwether’s comments on a potential second season in the works. “I’m done with the plot!” the showrunner said in an interview with Variety. Surely this isn’t a book you can open.


However, she went on to remark that “I’m sure everyone in my life will contact me whenever there’s a new development, which is exactly what is happening now. However, after putting in three years of effort, I’m ready to [move on].”

The Dropout’s future is up in the air.

The Dropout season 2 doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen at this point. However, it does seem like the tale may continue in some other way. Holmes’ trial and conviction might easily provide enough material for a single Hulu video, or perhaps a two-hour feature length film.

Hulu should consider making a spinoff of The Dropout, given how popular the original series has been. According to Parrot Analytics, the show’s past month’s U.S. TV viewership demand was 15,4 times more than the national average. In that case, what does Hulu need to do to get on board? Never say never again.


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