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iPhone SE 3 (2022) release date, price, specs and more


iPhone SE 2022 is arrived. On the occasion of its own Apple event, Apple introduced a new low-cost iPhone with a slew of hardware enhancements. On top of the iPhone 13’s chipset, there’s support for 5G and a longer battery life.

There will be no new iPhone SE model in 2022, as Apple has decided to continue with its present design. In 2020, the price will rise to $429, with an upfront payment of $399. Because of this, the iPhone SE (2022) will be up against some tough competition.

What do you need to know about Apple’s newest smartphone, the iPhone SE? (2022). Everything that Apple has just unveiled may be found in our event live blog.


A look at all you need to know about the iPhone SE in 2022.

  • When it goes on sale on March 18, pre-orders will be accepted.
  • Prices start at $429 for 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB of storage.
  • There are three different colours to choose from: Product, Midnight, and Starlight (RED)
  • In terms of speed, this phone is quicker, and it can do more with images and machine learning thanks to the A15 Bionic system-on-chip it shares with the iPhone 13.
  • Same look as iPhone SE (2020) with large bezels and home button.
  • “Internal design improvements” and the more efficient A15 Bionic, according to Apple, will result in a longer-lasting iPhone SE in 2022.
  • Just like the iPhone 13, the body is comprised of glass and metal with a Ceramic Shield covering on the front and back.

iPhone SE (2022) release date and price

(Image credit: Apple)

This year, the price of the iPhone SE (2022) will increase by $30. Starting at $399, the iPhone SE (2020) was the greatest value for money in most cases. With a starting price of $429, the iPhone SE (2022) competes with numerous excellent smartphones, like the Pixel 5a.

That, however, is a discussion for another day. Pre-orders for the iPhone SE (2022) go live on March 11 and the device will be generally available on March 18. Three storage options are available: 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. Midnight (black) and Starlight (white) are also available, as is Product (red).

For $429, 128 GB costs $479, and 256 GB costs an exorbitant $579.


In 2022, the iPhone SE will have the following specifications:

The A15 Bionic technology from the iPhone 13 will be in the iPhone SE (2022), although it will be housed in a more compact design. You can have that kind of performance for only $429, which isn’t anything to be sniffed at. At this pricing range, you won’t find anything that performs as good as this one.

(Image credit: Apple)

All of the newest iOS 15 AI activities, like Apple Live Text, Siri, and dictation, can now be performed on the iPhone SE (2022) thanks to the A15 Bionic processor. Photographic Styles may be applied to the A15 thanks to its sophisticated image signal processor, which is able to process images at a lightning pace.

Even the most demanding Apple Arcade games can be handled by the GPU. And if you have a good signal, you can play anywhere with lower latency thanks to 5G. It’s possible that mmWave may not be supported by Apple’s 5G network.


Design of the iPhone SE in 2022

The iPhone 8’s body was reused for the iPhone SE (2020). Even though the phone’s design is out-of-date by today’s standards, it was an efficient cost-saving approach. For better or worse, the iPhone SE (2022) retains its outdated design. Even if it looks a little shabby, for $429, most purchasers won’t mind.

Using the home button as a fingerprint sensor is a feature of the new iPhone’s Touch ID.

The iPhone SE’s cameras will be upgraded in 2022.

Apple’s computational photography makes the iPhone SE 2020’s images appear great, yet it just has a single lens. That isn’t going to change with the release of the new iPhone SE (2022). Only a 12MP (f/1.8) sensor is included this year. Ultrawide or telephoto lenses aren’t available.


The iPhone SE (2022) will, however, benefit from many of Apple’s most current computational photography breakthroughs thanks to the A15 Bionic. Photographic Styles, which are real-time filters, are also included in this category.

Also supported are Smart HDR 4 and Deep Fusion to enhance colour, contrast, and sharpness of the display. Improved video quality, including more accurate skin tones, improved white balance, and reduced noise, are also included in this SE.

(Image credit: Apple)

There was no mention of Night mode in Apple’s presentation, which is a shame. The absence of low-light photography functionality on the iPhone SE (2022) isn’t something we can confirm, but we’d expect Apple to announce it if the phone had it. This might be a devastating blow.


Lithium-ion polymer battery for the iPhone SE

The iPhone SE’s battery life was a major drawback. The iPhone SE (2020) lasted 9 hours and 18 minutes in the Tom’s Guide battery life test, which was conducted over 4G. Although the A15 Bionic chip could improve iPhone SE efficiency, it seems that Apple agrees.

Apple claims that the iPhone SE (2022) has a greater battery life than its predecessor, even if we don’t know the exact capacity. Because 5G is a voracious beast, we’re crossing our fingers that our battery test will provide results greater than 10 hours.

The iPhone SE (2022) is capable of “rapid charging,” however the wattage is unknown at this time.


iPhone SE (2022) compared. low-cost Android devices

If the iPhone SE 3 vs. Google Pixel 5a possible fight goes down, this may be the year’s most anticipated big-budget smartphone duel. Although Google is releasing a new affordable phone later this spring, the iPhone SE 3 versus the Google Pixel 6a comparison should be considered as well.

Outlook for the iPhone SE in 2022

Given that the A15 Bionic is the most powerful processor in a smartphone, the iPhone SE (2022) is a good value for $429. However, the new low-cost iPhone is devoid of features seen on many of its competitors, such as a second camera, thinner bezels, and night mode capabilities. Although Apple has not revealed the screen technology, we may assume that it is LCD, as opposed to rival phones that feature OLED screens.)

The iPhone SE (2022) is the greatest iPhone for the money if you’re an Apple fanatic. It has 5G, strong hardware, and a camera that could provide a terrific experience for its users in the near future. Even though the iPhone 8 design has been around for five years, Apple has said that it’s here to stay.


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