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iPhone SE 2022 lacks a Night Mode, which is absurd


The iPhone SE 2022 lacks the capability that Android smartphones have had for years..

Even though the Magic Mouse’s charging connection is located on the bottom of the device, it’s strange that Apple would release a phone in 2022 without a Night mode.

Apple’s follow-up to the highly praised and popular iPhone SE 2020, the iPhone SE 2022, was unveiled at the most recent Apple Event and is now available for pre-order. There is just a single camera and no night photography option, thus it maintains the same antiquated design as it did two years ago.


For the time being, I have no objections to the use of basic back camera arrays in mobile devices. You can get away with only one competent camera, but adding a bunch of lenses might be inconvenient. At a time when smartphones like Samsung’s Galaxy S22 and Oppo’s Find X5 Pro are making a big fuss about low-light photography, Apple’s iPhone SE 2022 has completely neglected it.

Some say that “cheap” phones shouldn’t have night mode since they aren’t expected to have it. As if that weren’t bad enough, the iPhone SE 2022 is now more costly than its predecessor and no longer qualifies as a “cheap phone” for our list of the best under $400. Also, there was the Google Pixel 4a before to that model. In 2019, Google released the Pixel 3a and the Pixel 3 XL.

Because of this, it’s strange that Apple would give up this field of photography There is no reason why Apple’s software developers and programmers would include a Night mode in the iPhone SE 2022. Assuming both devices are running iOS 15, the comprehensive mode from the iPhone 13 should be usable on the iPad. Additionally, the A15 Bionic processor included in the new iPhone SE should provide all the image processing and smart photography technology needed to support Night Mode.


Maybe the single rear camera on the iPhone SE 2022 isn’t able to capture enough light and data for the picture processor to deal with as the cause of this problem. However, I’m not convinced, given Google’s single rear camera on the Pixel 5a and Pixel 4a performed an excellent job in low light shooting.

Apple also made a big deal out of the A15 Bionic’s brain processing capability and intelligence. To brighten dim photos, you’d think the new iPhone SE would have enough silicon intelligence. No, I don’t anticipate anything close to the iPhone 13 Pro’s cameras and photographic consistency, but some useful low-light photos aren’t out of the question.

Are we looking at a dud here in terms of the iPhone SE 2022? The answer to that question is no. People who want a competent, tiny iPhone but don’t want to spend a lot of money on an iPhone 13 mini would probably appreciate it. In addition, not everyone enjoys photographing in the darkness.


The cynic in me, though, sees this as a ruse by Apple to entice people to purchase the iPhone 13 rather than any technological constraints. I’m not enraged, but I’m a little let down.

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