iPhone 14 rumoured for satellite connectivity — Really True?


When cellular and Wi-Fi networks are unavailable, this feature would allow you to send emergency texts.

IDG / Jason Cross

In the event that cellular networks are unavailable, the new emergency texting function on the iPhone 14 might keep you in touch even if your phone is offline. To help people in distant places, Apple is working on methods for future iPhones to connect to satellite networks so they can text emergency personnel.

According to sources, this supposed functionality has been around since last summer, right before the iPhone 13 went on sale. According to such stories, the iPhone could also access satellite networks in the event of an emergency.


It’s clear that the iPhone 13, which launched in September of last year, didn’t follow this pattern. In spite of this, claims surfaced as recently as March claiming that Apple will include satellite communication in this fall’s iPhones.

New reports from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman (opens in a new tab) have resurrected the idea of a satellite connection feature for the iPhone 14, which would allow it to communicate with other satellites. Apple Watch capabilities like sending emergency test messages via satellite networks are mentioned near the conclusion of Gurman’s article.

According to Gurman, “the business is also trying to ultimately introduce satellite connection to the Apple Watch, paving the way for emergency SMS and SOS response functions. iPhone users might expect these features as early as this year, according to Apple.


When cellular and Wi-Fi networks are unavailable, the iPhone 14 would be able to connect to satellite networks. If this function is included in all new iPhones, or if it is only for the iPhone 14 Pro models, which are expected to receive the most major updates this autumn, we don’t know for certain.

There would be no online surfing or video streaming capabilities with satellite internet, as previously reported. For those who find themselves in isolated or rural places without a reliable phone connection, this is being billed as an emergency communication capability.

Connectivity is certainly a point of differentiation for Apple’s mobile devices. For those who have fallen or been injured, Apple Watch commercials have promoted the device’s capacity to call for help. Apple Watch and iPhone users might benefit from a feature that allows them to communicate with emergency personnel through satellite.


For yet, we don’t know what new features the iPhone 14 models have to offer. Apple’s new phones aren’t anticipated to be unveiled until September at the earliest, according to predictions. To keep up with all the latest leaks, rumours, and speculation, visit our iPhone 14 hub or iPhone 14 Pro hub.

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