iPhone 14 Pro may provide you more display for your money


Rumored renderings show a reduced display bezel for the iPhone 14 Pro.

image via appleinsider

You may get somewhat more screen space on the iPhone 14 Pro owing to a new CAD rendering of the phone’s display, which has slimmer bezels around the edges.

Leaker Ice Universe provided a fresh picture comparing the iPhone 14 Pro (right) to the present iPhone 13 Pro (left). This was pointed out by Ice Universe. Even if you haven’t seen it before, you can see the iPhone 14 Pro has smaller bezels if you go back and look at prior leaks showing off the design.


Having smaller bezels is a positive thing, since it means that the area they leave behind may be filled with more active display rather than simply blank black glass. This means that even while we still anticipate the iPhone 14 Pro’s display to have the same dimensions as the iPhone 13 Pro’s, lower borders might signify either more pixels or bigger pixels for the display—a bump in either direction.

The second major change reported for the iPhone 14 Pro (also seen in this design) is the pill and punch-hole cuts for Face ID and the front camera. This might give us even more screen real estate. While the traditional Apple notch is expected to stay on the iPhone 14’s base model, the Pro versions may be adopting this less obtrusive arrangement instead.

(Image credit: Ice Universe)

Although IU’s renderings don’t show us the rear of the phone, improvements are expected there as well. The 48MP primary camera might be the reason for the bigger rear camera hump. Both the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro might come in a purple hue, if rumours are to be believed.

The only thing we can be sure of is that Apple won’t confirm anything until the iPhone 14 is made public, which, based on prior years, will most likely happen in September.

Rumors about the new A16 Bionic chipset, which may only be found in the Pro version of the iPhone 14, as well as the new selfie camera focusing function for both phones will be confirmed or denied during the event.


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