iPhone 14 — Full-screen iPhone rumored for 2024


Kuo claims that there is a lack of information on the screen. In the near future, we’ll have cameras with Face ID.

image via 9to5mac

As soon as the iPhone X’s notch and Face ID were revealed, many people anticipated the arrival of a genuinely all-screen phone. As a result, having an unobstructed screen on Face ID iPhones since has been a fantasy. Although hole-punch cameras are still used, several of the top Android phones have come the closest to this ideal.

It’s going to take a few more years before the all-screen fantasy becomes a reality, according to famed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. UDC and Face ID, he predicts, will not be available to the public until 2024 at the earliest. In light of the current state of under-display cameras (such as the RedMagic 7 Pro), this isn’t all that shocking.


Previously, Kuo dismissed iPhone 14 under-display Touch ID forecasts. A two-year delay is predicted, and he suggests that this is because Apple no longer sees the need for it now that Face ID is so good at detecting a mask. Even though it’s more stable now than it was when iOS 15.4 originally debuted, I still keep the iOS 14.5 Apple Watch workaround activated in case it fails.

Apple’s decision to postpone Face ID and under-display cameras is a positive one, in my opinion. I don’t want the excellent selfie capabilities of the iPhone 13 to be hampered by the present limits of UDCs. For example, the greatest gaming phones don’t require the finest selfies, so the technology makes sense right now.

Using an image signal processor (ISP) and algorithm enhancements to compensate for poor low-light performance is a possibility, according to Kuo. The iPhone 16’s unobscured front-facing cameras should be able to take use of these new features. However, we’re sceptical since we haven’t seen Google and Samsung, two of the finest Android camera phone producers, use UDCs yet. For the time being, we don’t expect Google to use UDCs on Pixels, and we don’t expect that to change very soon.

The iPhone 14 Pro seems to finally shake up the stale design, despite the absence of an all-screen iPhone this year. According to recent speculations, Apple’s iconic notch will be reduced to pill-shaped cuts with a hole punch. According to that, and the fan-created models that have subsequently surfaced, the iPhone 14 Pro is going to be a stunner. A larger aperture and improved focusing are on the way for the selfie camera on the front of the phone.


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