iPhone 12 for $499 might killer replacement for the iPhone 11


If the iPhone 11 disappears at the end of the year, then something else must be introduced to fill the void.

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An iPhone’s reputation for being expensive is well-earned. However, in recent years, Apple has made a concerted effort to provide iPhones at a variety of pricing points. In order to save money when looking for the greatest iPhones, you can either buy an older model or go with the more affordable iPhone SE.

When it comes to mid-range phones, the iPhone 11 is now the greatest in recent memory. Many people should consider the iPhone 11 if they can’t afford the more recent, more costly models because of its exceptional battery life, superb cameras, and strong performance.


When the iPhone 14 goes on sale in the autumn, reports claim that Apple will stop selling its iPhone 11. If this is the case, the $429 iPhone SE (2022) and the $799 iPhone 14 (as projected) would have a wide price difference. While Apple is possible to save money by purchasing an iPhone 13 or 12 when the 14 comes out, the gap between the mainstream iPhones and the SE is expected to be filled.

What makes the iPhone 12 a viable successor to the iPhone 11?

iPhone 12 would be ideal for this function, in my opinion. In two years, the iPhone 14 will be two years old and no longer the most recent and finest. Apple’s iPhone 11 lacks current technologies like an OLED display and 5G. The iPhone 12’s cameras are likewise excellent, and it’s a powerhouse.

Because the iPhone SE’s lunch would be eaten away by a $499 price cut, I don’t expect Apple to lower it all the way down to $699. iPhone 12 consumers who are willing to fork out a few hundred dollars for a new phone might be in for quite the treat.


When compared to the SE’s iPhone 8 body, the iPhone 12’s design is more up-to-date. The SE’s battery life isn’t stellar, but it’s still better than the Xperia Z3’s. Apple has also included a Night mode and a wide-angle camera, features that the cheapest iPhone does not.

Even at $549, the iPhone 12 would be a bargain. It’s possible that Apple may cut the price of the iPhone 12 mini to $499 in order for it to clear off inventory, which would be a tremendous boost for small-phone lovers. iPhone 12 and 12-mini may be able to fill in the void in the mid-tier market. At this moment, only Apple knows.

A peek at the iPhone 12

It’s a bummer that the iPhone 11 may be the last one we see, but it makes perfect sense. Despite its flaws, such as the lack of 5G latency and outdated screen technology, I’m shocked Apple kept this phone around for so long.


Of course, we don’t know for sure what Apple intends to do, and we won’t know for a few months. Wait and see what Apple comes up with. However, from my vantage point, an iPhone 12 at $499 or even $549 would be fantastic.

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