iOS 15.5 — New feature coming to your iPhone


The following is a list of upcoming iPhone iOS 15.5 software upgrades.

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Now that the developers’ beta of iOS 15.5 has been released, you won’t have to wait long to see some new features on your iPhone.

iOS 15 has been around for more than a year, yet it continues to get important enhancements, such as Face ID compatibility with face masks in the most recent version, iOS 15.4. As a result, iOS 15.5 has a lot to live up to.


When it comes to new features in iOS 15.5 thus far, nothing compares to face unlocking. The Wallet app and other services for classical music and sports lovers are still in the works, though.

The following is a list of all the known changes in iOS 15.5 so far. Keep checking back to see how things go, as we’ll be adding more information as it comes to light.

The date of the release of iOS 15.5

Apple’s iOS 15.5 beta is now out, but we don’t recommend that everyone go ahead and download it right away. In order to ensure that features are functional and bug-free, betas are performed. This means that if you download the beta onto your iPhone, you may not really get any new features. Or even worse, your phone might suffer data loss as a result of these issues. It’s best to wait till you have a spare suitable device on hand before downloading the beta in order to test out the newest version of the operating system.


There’s still no word on a stable iOS 15.5 release, which is what the great majority of us want. With the beta presently running, we expect it to arrive within a month or two.

The features of iOS 15.5 so far

Since iOS 15.5 is still so new, there isn’t a complete list of its features just yet. However, these have been the standouts thus far.

Apple Wallet Cash and Apple Wallet Account Card


The Cash menu in the Apple Wallet app now prominently features Pay and Request buttons, as observed by MacRumors(opens in new tab). If you don’t have a bank account, they should make it easier for you to transfer money to and from your friends and family. We’re crossing our fingers that this makes it to the final release for general public consumption.

The iTunes Pass (the term for your gift card cash or other money present in Apple services) looks to be renamed to Apple Account Card by 9to5Mac(opens in a new tab). It makes logical for Apple to rename this functionality because the iTunes app no longer exists because Apple opted to divide out its many functionalities into separate applications. It’s amazing this hasn’t been done sooner.

Apple Classical


Some references to the long-rumored streaming app for symphonic music may be found in the iOS 15.5 source code. The fact that this app is available suggests that Apple is planning for an impending release of iOS 15.5.

Apple SportsKit

According to the code, SportsKit is an Apple software package that allows for live sports scores and data to be sent to a home screen widget and read out by Siri. It is possible that SportsKit can do more, but that is not known right now due to the way Apple’s limited access to the framework. SportsKit is a rumoured feature for iOS 11. Official sports clubs and franchises may be excluded from using SportsKit’s capabilities since it appears they must be specially approved partners.


Aside from that, WWDC 2022 has been scheduled for June 6, and that’s when the next complete version of iOS, iOS 16, as well as the next iteration of iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and other technology will be unveiled. Until Apple makes an announcement here, we won’t know much about what we may expect in the near future for our Apple products.

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