iOS 15.5: Add code to support apps including external purchases


If you delete an app, Apple wants to make sure that you remember to end the process.

Apple’s next iOS 15.5 will make it simpler for developers to link their apps to third-party transactions.

iOS 15.5’s first developer beta features support for “apps with external purchases after the revelation of a new entitlement option for’reader applications,'” according to 9to5Mac.


Apps now have complete support for the new entitlement used to signify that they may be purchased outside in the newest beta version of Apple’s operating system. As an example, iOS will present a notice if the user deletes an app that allows users to make purchases outside the App Store, stating that such transactions and subscriptions can no longer be managed.

In one of the changes, customers who remove an app will receive a notification informing them that they may have made a transaction outside of the App Store.

[App’s name] may still have in-app purchases available for purchase. No external purchases may be cancelled or managed through the App Store. Please get in touch with the creator if you’d want further information.


An alert will also be shown when an app that allows for external purchases is opened.

According to 9to5Mac’s analysis of Apple’s iOS code, the company is also deploying a new notice that appears when a user instals an app for the first time and makes an external purchase. However, it’s important to note that not all apps will have this capability.

External purchases, referred to as “External Link Account Entitlement,” are still restricted to “Reader applications,” as they should be, naturally. Among these applications are ones that provide films, songs, books, periodicals, and other digital material. It is not possible for a developer to provide both in-app and external purchases.


Apple has already released the first public beta of iOS 15.5 to individuals who have joined up for the Beta Software Program, but it’s still not clear when the operating system will be available to everyone.

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