Intel Arc desktop GPUs could be about to launch


Arc Alchemist graphics cards may be available in the next few weeks for mid- and low-end systems.

image via intel

According to new speculations, Intel might release the first Arc Alchemist desktop graphics cards as early as the end of May.

It comes from a site called Wccftech, which claims to have information from Taiwanese sources acquainted with Intel’s supply chain and the upcoming introduction of the Arc GPU.


It’s possible that Intel has three Alchemist desktop cards in all, two of which will be released first, followed by a third model a few weeks later.

The Arc A750 and A380 models — the more powerful mid-range and budget choices – will arrive first, with the A580 – the lower-end mid-range – following later. The flagship (A780) will not be part of this trio, though.

The A750 and A380 graphics cards are expected to debut in the latter half of May or early June, while the A580 is expected to debut in the latter half of July (tentatively).


Analysis: Is Nvidia’s pricing competitive?

Arc desktop cards are expected to arrive in May or June, which is in line with what we’ve heard from Intel, who has already confirmed their release in Q2. If a Computex launch were to happen later in May, it would make logical…

Given Intel’s track record thus far (the first launch of Arc for laptop GPUs was exactly at the end of March, when it was supposed to be in Q1 – so barely slipping into that period), we were anticipating a late-June debut.

There’s no way to know whether we’ll still have to wait until the end of June, even if this rumour is accurate and these launch dates match Intel’s current intentions. If Intel wants to do this right the first time around, it has to get both the hardware and software correct (driver quality is going to be crucial).


At $350 in the United States, the Arc A750 is expected to be a direct competitor to the RTX 3060, according to Wccftech’s estimations, which is a little more than Nvidia’s suggested price for the RTX 3060.

The A580 is expected to have the power of an RTX 3050, with a price tag of approximately $280, while the A380 is expected to be a match for the GTX 1650 with a price tag of around $150, according to the tech site.

As a result, the best prediction is that prices will be in line with Nvidia, which is better than the indications we’ve previously discovered about higher-end versions that might allegedly even surpass Team Green’s cost. Despite speculations to the contrary, we shouldn’t write out Intel’s chances of going head-to-head with the competition by offering its products at a lower price point at launch.


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