Hurdle is a Wordle-based survival game with several levels


To win the Hurdle, you must score five words in a row.

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Our collection of Wordle alternatives is becoming more and longer as new Wordle clones appear. Hurdle(opens in new tab) takes the traditional concept and provides you five consecutive games to play, rather than offering a whole new spin on the original.

When it comes to guessing a word each day, Hurdle doesn’t have the same limitations as Heardle, the musical guessing game. To make matters more difficult, four hurdles must be cleared before the final phrase emerges. To get the greatest Wordle start words for most, you’ll need to solve each one first, therefore you can’t utilise the most popular words.


At this point, you only have two more chances to discover and finish the series’ final solution before four of your usual guess spaces are pre-filled with past accurate answers. A fall here or at an earlier Hurdle means you’ll have to try again the following day.

It’s the same old Wordle we’ve come to love. Five-letter word: You’re given six guesses to figure out what it may be. All of the proper letters are highlighted in green, while any incorrect letters are highlighted in yellow. It is necessary to go backwards from there in order to determine where the holes could be. To put it another way, you should be able to get by with the standard Wordle methods.

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Whether or whether you love this new twist is entirely dependent on your attitude toward completing a Wordle. When I win, I feel like my streak is secure for another 24 hours, but with Hurdle you’re confronted with another challenge and the pressure begins all over again. It was a delight to complete three rounds, although it wasn’t exactly relaxing.


Squabble, on the other hand, is a lot less stressful than Dordle, Quordle, and Octordle, which require you to predict two, four, and eight words at a time, respectively. I like this over Semantle since it’s easier to use, and it doesn’t need as many guesses as it does with Semantle.

Setting the mystery word is an option if you’d want a break from speculating. When it comes to Adverswordle, you’ll be doing just that as an AI mercilessly cycles through all the options based on your markings. Wordle Unlimited also allows you to create words for your buddies, so you can sit back and watch them work up a sweat.


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