How Webex made your work life simpler to use on Chromebooks


Your work life has just become a whole lot easier thanks to Webex and Google.

Image credit: Acer

Since the outbreak of the worldwide pandemic, video conferencing has become an essential aspect of many of our jobs. Millions of professionals throughout the globe use tools like Zoom, Google Meets, and Webex to conduct virtual meetings.

In light of the recent announcement by Google and Webex that they would work together to deliver a Progressive Web App version of Webex to Chrome OS, Chromebook users should find it much simpler to attend Webex meetings.


If you often use Webex on a Chrome device, you may find this useful since the desktop app version of Webex is more user-friendly than the web app version of Webex in a browser. If you have a Chromebook, you can download the Webex Meetings app from the Google Play Store and give it a spin right now.

The relationship between Cisco and Google to improve interoperability between their technologies has yielded another another product. Improvements like the ability to organise and attend Webex meetings straight from Gmail and Google Calendar have already resulted from this initiative. Sharing and collaborating on Google Drive files is also possible using Webex’s chat function, which doesn’t need switching between applications or browsers.

Webex devices are included in this partnership. Webex devices, including as monitors and IP phones, may be used to join planned and ad hoc Google Meets sessions. Thanks to the new Webex PWA app, you can now effortlessly join Webex meetings from Google devices including the top Chromebooks.


This may not be groundbreaking news, but it’s something that Chrome and/or Webex enthusiasts will love. It’s all worth it if it helps me get to my next videoconference call a little bit more quickly.

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