How to watch Woke season 2 online — Everything we know so far


Woke season 2 introduces Lamorne Morris as a famous activist.

Watching Woke season 2 online brings together art and activism. Lamorne Morris reprises his role as activist cartoonist Keef Knight on Hulu, where he has become a rising sensation for his comics exposing police brutality and other social injustice issues. Keef learns the hard way that having a large fan base as an influencer is more difficult than he ever expected.


  • Release DateWoke season 2 drops all eight episodes on Friday (April 8).
  • Where: Hulu
  • Time: 12 a.m. ET

Woke is a fan of Toast & Butter inventor Keef. He’s an up-and-coming Black cartoonist on the verge of breaking through. He hears and sees things communicating to him after a terrifying encounter with the police.


Anger and outraged, Keef decides to express himself via a cartoon about his experience, which ends up in him being arrested. When Keef refuses to back down, he discovers that the media has proclaimed him the head of a movement.

Now, he and his buddies are debating whether or not they can actually make a difference, or if activism is simply another money-making venture. Despite his newfound fame, Keef tries to stay true to his values and aspirations. Things still talk to him, of course.

To watch Woke season 2 online, here’s all you need to know.

Woke season 2 may be streamed online in the United States.


On Friday, April 8, Hulu(opens in a new tab) will stream all eight episodes of Woke season 2, beginning at 12 a.m. ET.

Hulu is exclusively available in the US.

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To see Woke season 2 in any of those countries you’ll need the following information:

In the UK, Canada, and Australia, Hulu is not available.


Trailer for the second season of Woke

On the bus, two white strangers start paying attention to Keef, making him uncomfortable. One self-identifies as a “ally” and claims to post black squares on Instagram on a weekly basis even though he is not. Keef is informed by the other that he is a “art-ivist,” which is a combination of an artist and an activist. Honey, I’ll be there.

The second season’s cast of Woke

Lamorne Morris plays Keef Knight, a black cartoonist who lives in San Francisco, in Woke season 2.

With him are:

  • Sasheer Zamata as Ayana, a reporter for The Bay Arean
  • T. Murph as Clovis, Keef’s best friend and roommate
  • Blake Anderson as Gunther, one of Keef’s roommates
  • J.B. Smoove as the voice of Marker

Woke’s second season cast will include a few fresh faces. There is a new love interest for Clovis in Hype, Ayana’s best friend. Laura Salgado, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, is played by Aimee Garcia.

Tommy, a rude and mysterious un-housed artist with a keen wit who questions Keef and his idea of activism, is played by Miguel Pinzon in this film. Isiah Whitlock Jr. joins the cast as Clovis’ father, Mr. Jackson.


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