How to watch Westworld season 4 right now for free: release date, teaser trailer, cast


NBC’s Westworld is returning to the airwaves.

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Season 4 of Westworld will be returning to the web in the near future, so be ready for more bloodshed and gore. The premiere date of the sci-drama was disclosed in a teaser video released by HBO.

Season 4 of Westworld gets a sneak glimpse in this video. Cast members returning for the second season include Thandiwe Newton, Aaron Paul, Tessa Thompson, Luke Hemsworth, Ed Harris and Evan Rachel Wood (don’t worry, Dolores isn’t dead).


There is a future, highly technology civilisation in Westworld. Delos Incorporated owns and operates a Wild West-themed amusement park filled by android “hosts.” The hosts have been trained not to hurt humans, so wealthy visitors may indulge in their most filthy desires. A violent uprising breaks out in the park and engulfs the whole planet when some of the creatures show to be sentient.

Season 4 of Westworld has been billed as “a gloomy journey about the destiny of sentient life on Earth” by creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. Joy, on the other hand, agrees.

We’ve got all the details regarding Westworld season 4 so far.


The premiere date of Westworld season 4

The fourth season of Westworld will premiere on Sunday, June 26, on HBO.

HBO and HBO Max will both show the first episode at 9 p.m. ET. The remaining episodes of Season 4 will air on Sunday evenings.

Season 4 premieres in May 2020, a little more than two years after season 3 ended.


The teaser trailer for Westworld’s fourth season

It was an Easter egg from HBO that Westworld season 4’s teaser trailer was made public. Thrillist’s Instagram followers discovered it. An image of New York City, probably from Season 4, accompanies the link to the unlisted YouTube video.

To Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day,” this teaser video is captioned “It doesn’t look like anything to me.” Cityscapes are littered with many personalities. The fact that Maeve and Caleb are together in a single frame suggests that the two may be collaborating once again this season.

We have cast for the fourth season of Westworld

HBO has revealed that some Westworld cast members will be returning for the fourth season of the show.

  • Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores Abernathy, the oldest host and leader of their revolt.
  • Thandiwe Newton as Maeve Millay, a host is self-aware and previously played Sweetwater’s brothel madam.
  • Ed Harris as the Man in Black / William, executive at Delos, investor in Westworld and frequent guest
  • Jeffrey Wright as Bernard Lowe, head of Westworld’s programming department who turns out to be a host modeled on the park’s co-founder, Arnold Weber.
  • Aaron Paul as Caleb Nichols, a former soldier and construction worker who joins the android revolution
  • Tessa Thompson as Charlotte Hale, executive director of the board overseeing Westworld
  • Luke Hemsworth as Ashley Stubbs, the former head of park security who turns out to be a host
  • Angela Sarafyan as Clementine Pennyfeather, a host who played a sex worker in Sweetwater

Westworld season 4 will likely introduce some new faces. HBO has already confirmed the addition of Oscar winner Ariana DeBose as a recurring guest star.

What occurred in the third season of Westworld?

Dolores leads the robot revolt in Westworld season 3, after the killing of humanity by hosts in the park. Her first mission is to take down an artificial intelligence programme called Rehoboam, which she and a shady character named Serac worked on together in the “real world.” Serac intends to use it to take over the globe by running an algorithm that anticipates what each person will do.

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Caleb, an ex-soldier and construction worker who dabbles in small criminality, aids Sarah in her objective. Chaos ensues as they get their hands on Rehoboam’s data and disclose them. After that, they go to Mexico in search of Solomon, a former incarnation of Rehoboam. An “outlier,” or someone who could be missed by the system, is what the AI calls Caleb. He was able to retrain himself to seek out and chase out other outliers. In cold storage are those that can’t be refurbished.


Serac has been defeated, and mankind has been freed from Rehoboam’s false narratives thanks to Solomon’s innovative strategy.

Serac versus Charlotte

For Charlotte Hale, the real Dolores, a takeover proposal from Serac for the company’s data thwarts her plans to gain control of Delos. She places William in a psychiatric hospital so she may utilise his Delos voting rights to thwart the proposal.

Delos is purchased by Serac as a result of her sleight of hand. Charlotte takes the host data of the firm and uploads it to a hidden, secure place, knowing she is soon to be discovered. She survives a vehicle bombing, but swears retribution against Dolores for leaving her.


Maeve vs. Dolores: Who’s the victor here?

Maeve, meanwhile, wakes up at a World War II-themed park after the tragedy. She takes her own life in order to return to Operations, only to realise that it is a ruse. When she finally manages to get free, she finds herself at Serac’s house, in a new body. As part of his search for Dolores, he enlists her assistance.

She is found in Mexico by Maeve; however, Dolores and Caleb manage to flee the country with her. However, she confronts them afterwards and takes Dolores in her arms..

Using Dolores, Serac connects Dolores with Rehoboam so that he may find Charlotte’s stolen host data. When the AI is unable to locate it, it starts to erode her mental faculties. When Caleb arrives to help her, Maeve stands in his way.


Serac is injured when Maave bursts through her behaviour inhibitor and murders the guards. Dolores implores her to assist mankind. Rehoboam is controlled by Caleb thanks to Solomon’s plans. Before he leaves with Maeve, he tells Rehoboam to delete himself.

Bernard and William are the names of the two brothers.

Bernard, who was falsely accused of the atrocity, has been on the run ever since. To him, he sees Caleb as an outlier who would ultimately bring about the end of the planet. William is freed from the mental institution with the assistance of Ashley Stubbs. Following his threat to wipe off all surviving hosts, William exits in a huff.

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He sees Charlotte later on when he breaks into a Delos facility. Hundreds of host-creation devices are housed in it. In the meanwhile, his neck gets sliced by a host version of himself.


Dolores’s key to the Sublime was found in Bernard’s hotel room (aka Valley Beyond). When he makes the decision to go in, his body falls into stasis. Bernard wakes up coated in dust after a period of time (perhaps months or even years).

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