How to watch Kids in the Hall (2022) online for free right now


Kids in the Hall has been renewed for a second season on Amazon.

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To see whether everyone’s favourite oddball Canadians still have that magic (or if Amazon has enough money to cajole it out of them). A Prime Video employee got the brilliant notion to check whether the Kids were back in town in 2022.

Do not adjust your TVs, for this is a full reunion, with Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson all returning for the return trip.



Kids In the Hall (2022) debuts on Friday (May 13) on Prime Video.
All eight episodes will debut together

The group begins by drawing analogies between Amazon and The Devil in the clip below, indicating that there are no boundaries or holy cows for this run. A two-part documentary on the group’s beginnings, titled The Kids in the Hall: Comedy Punks, will premiere on Prime Video later this month.

Even then, what kind of show would feature nothing but the Kids? This includes Fred Armisen, Brandon Ash-Mohammed, Jay Baruchel, Samantha Bee, Paul Bellini, Pete Davidson, Mark Hamill, Eddie Izzard, Catherine O’Hara, Kenan Thompson, Catherine Reitman, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Colin Mochrie. “


Learn how to watch the new season of Kids in the Hall on the internet with our comprehensive guide. Here’s a look at the trailer.

You may also witness a fresh take on Stephen Kind’s novel, Firestarter, in addition to the KITH streaming.

In the United States, how can I watch Kids In The Hall 2022?

Kids In The Hall (2022) will be available on Amazon Prime Video in the United States beginning on Friday, May 13th.


A two-episode arc will run until May 6, with the first two episodes arriving this Friday.

Anywhere on Earth, you may see the 2022 version of Kids In The Hall.

Many nations throughout the globe have access to Amazon Prime Video, but it isn’t accessible everywhere. To watch Kids In The Hall, you don’t have to be in an area where Prime Video is not available (2022). Keeping up with the rest of the internet isn’t that difficult. You may watch the programme from any location as long as you have a reliable VPN (virtual private network).

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Relax and take in the sights and sounds. If you have a subscription to Amazon Prime Video or other streaming services, tune in.


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