Have Nintendo Switch battery issues? So take official guidance


Keep your Nintendo Switch battery healthy with these tips.

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Maintaining the health of your Nintendo Switch battery is essential if you want to get the most out of this popular home console/handheld hybrid in the long run.

If you don’t make an effort to care for your system, you’ll rapidly discover that your Switch demands a recharge at increasing intervals, even if upgraded versions, like last year’s Nintendo Switch OLED, have made gains to overall battery life. You should always keep an eye on your battery, no matter what type of Nintendo Switch you own, even if it’s the Lite version.


Nintendo has provided some easy instructions for maintaining the battery life of your Switch. These are a must-have for Nintendo Switch owners who are having battery issues. Despite the fact that these steps won’t restore the battery’s capacity, they will assist avoid future battery drain problems.

This advise was originally given on a Japanese Nintendo customer service website, but has been translated by NintendoLife. This is how Nintendo advises you maintain the health of your Switch battery.

How relevant is this battery information for the Nintendo Switch?

To keep your Switch’s current battery capacity and long-term health safe, follow the actions outlined in the previous paragraph. However, this procedure isn’t a magic potion that will extend the life of an aged Switch’s battery.


Rechargeable gadgets often recommend completely draining a battery before recharging it. If you have a smartphone or a Bluetooth speaker, we suggest following the same procedure.

Performing these actions while your Nintendo Switch’s battery is already low can help prevent screen burn-in concerns, especially with the OLED variant. Do not, under any circumstances, keep an OLED screen on a static picture for long periods of time.

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