HarmonyOS 3.0 tipped in September: Next month’s betas


In October of last year, Huawei announced the third major version of its Harmony OS and released the first Developer Preview a few weeks later. However, the rollout schedule had to be pushed back due to a snag in the development process.

image credits: rprna

Users on Weibo, such as Changan Digital King, have reported news from a developer innovation contest that Harmony OS 3.0 would be released in September. As of mid-September, there were more than 100 million devices running Version 2.0, which was released in June.

While it’s possible we’ll see the beta version of v3.0 as soon as May, Huawei hasn’t confirmed that. There are no substantial changes to the appearance or feel of the operating system in the latest version.


Using TypeScript or JavaScript, Huawei has developed ArkUI, a declarative UI framework for HarmonyOS applications that can be used to create apps for 3.0.

It’s important to keep in mind that these dates refer to the release of updates for current devices. There is still a chance that the Huawei Mate 50 series may arrive in July, despite the fact that it missed the regular H2 launch window in 2016. The first devices to run Harmony OS 3.0 should be the Mate 50 models.

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As betas begin to roll out, we’ll be able to have a better idea of which devices will be upgraded to the next version.


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