Halo Infinite’s season 2 gets a trailer teasing new modes and maps


Season 2 of Halo Infinite, dubbed Lone Wolves, will be released on May 3, bringing with it new maps, modes, events, and more.

(Image credit: 343 Industries/Microsoft)

With the announcement, 343 Industries released a teaser trailer for the next season on Twitter(opens in new tab). Halo Infinite’s “gear up for Season 2 of Halo Infinite” page encourages gamers to do so, promising “additional content including new maps, modes, themed limited time events, and an all-new Battle Pass that never expires.”

Last month, Halo Infinity’s Head of Creative Joseph Staten offered us some ideas about what to anticipate from Lone Wolves as a season in an interview with Halo Waypoint (opens in new tab).


A lot of the season’s material, according to Staten, is influenced by the concept that “Lone Wolf Spartans are hunters.” Staten added. Trackers. Despite the fact that they are operating deep into enemy territory with no resupply or help, they are clever improvisers. They’re tough, independent, and fiercely devoted to the Spartan pack, although they prefer to work alone.

“Playlist upgrades, balancing adjustments, new modes and maps” will be part of Season 2, according to Staten, who also mentioned “Last Spartan Standing” and “Land Grab” as new modes in Season 2.

“A number of modifications to playlists, including the inclusion of the new Catalyst Arena map and Attrition moving into Quick Play” are also mentioned in an earlier article.


Season 1 player feedback has led 343 Industries to promise “more personalization stuff” in the free track and “better value cosmetics” for Ultimate Rewards, according to a new Halo Waypoint post(opens a new window).

Refresher training is in need.

First, 343 Industries(opens in new tab) decided to prolong the first season of Halo Infinite to “guarantee Season 2 meets our high quality standard and to allow [our] team] to safely and sustainably conclude production for Season 2.”

The Halo Infinite community has become dissatisfied due to the long wait for Season 2 and the lack of communication on updates and development. We appreciate that the community is just out of patience and honestly I believe appropriately weary of words,” Brian Jarrard said recently on Reddit(opens in a new tab).


According to Jarrard’s tweet, the team has faced “a lot of problems and limits,” and it’s a “tough scenario that’s going to take the team time.” His last comment was, “a lot of production planning is taking on that doesn’t lend itself to comprehensive frequent updates,” he said.

Co-op campaign has already been revealed to be delayed to the second half of Season 2 because the team needs more time to perfect it. While campaign network co-op is expected to come “later in Season 2,” Joseph Staten said the team will announce a release date for that and split-screen co-op “as soon as we can,” he said.

Fans of Halo Infinite are undoubtedly relieved by this new video, and Joseph Staten tweeted out to say that “more to come throughout the month.”


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