GTA 6 trailer early rumors – everything we know so far


In the newest GTA 6 rumours, we may get our first peek at the widely awaited game within the next few months, according to the latest internet murmurs.

(Image credit: Rockstar)

We know very little about GTA 6 at this moment, other than the fact that it exists and will be released at some point. As a result, suspicion arose last week that KRYPTO9095, a musician and YouTuber, may be involved in the game’s soundtrack or have secured a voice acting role. The fact that there are a lot of television programmes to choose from

When El Nitro 56 appeared on the scene and began commenting to KRYPTO9505 as well as numerous GTA 6 rumour accounts, things became even more intriguing. Further information will be forthcoming, according to El Nitro 56, since leakers were “near to the truth.” He also hinted at the impending release of a teaser and suggested the fact that GTA 6 would take place in two parallel realities. At this time, the latter is a common rumour.


This sounds intriguing, and there’s little question that players wanting to learn more about GTA 6 are excited to hear these speculations. Because none of these individuals has a track record of providing reliable GTA insider information, their claims should be treated with severe scepticism.

That GTA 6 is currently in development is the only thing we can say for sure. Prior to this year, Rockstar revealed that they were working on a new open-world crime series, but otherwise did not provide any more details.


There have been several speculations concerning GTA 6 over the last few months, but most of them have not come to fruition. According to some, the game will take place in Vice City, which is the GTA universe’s Miami. Since previously said, this is just conjecture at this time as Rockstar has yet to make any official announcements about the game. The game’s name, Grand Theft Auto 6, hasn’t even been officially confirmed yet, according to a leak.

Some GTA 6 enthusiasts predict that we’ll hear something formal about the game later this month. Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar’s parent company, will have an earnings call on May 16; it’s probable that some information could be revealed during this conference. However, investors’ earnings calls are unlikely to yield anything especially significant, so expectations should be kept in check.


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