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Green iPhone 13 on the way Today’s event features Mac Studio renderings


A new iPhone SE and a revamped iPad Air are anticipated to be unveiled at Apple’s first event of 2022, which begins at 6pm UTC today. However, according to a fresh source, Apple will also announce new colour choices for the iPhone 13 and iPad Air, as well as a Mac Studio and a new display during the event.

Expect a purple iPad Air and a green iPhone 13 on March 8 Event

Apple is expected to unveil a green iPhone 13 and a purple iPad Air, according to YouTuber Luke Miani. Below are images of both goods rendered in their new hues by Miani.

It is expected that the 27-inch display will be the “star of the show” when Apple unveils the Mac Studio. In the gallery below, you can view their images.


Today’s “Peek Performance” event had been anticipated to see the introduction of new MacBooks, but Miani says that won’t happen. To learn more, have a look at the video below.

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