Google’s Nearby Share expected to receive a “Self Share” update


Esper’s Mishaal Rahman (via Twitter) noticed that Android is getting a new Nearby Share functionality. In the most recent Google Play Services app, however, it is now inactive.

Nearby Share will include a new option named “Your Devices” that will identify devices in your vicinity that are also linked to the same Google account. An immediate transmission of data would be initiated without the user having to accept it beforehand.

With Nearby Share, Android and Chromebook users may share files, images, and videos with other nearby devices. Sending data across your own devices is a slight annoyance, though. Despite the fact that both devices are signed into the same Google account, you must still accept a confirmation prompt on the receiving device in the present situation.

It seems probable that the functionality will be released at the same time as Google I/O next month, considering the date of the feature’s release.


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