Google tipped to launch native Bluetooth tracker tag scanning to Android


Despite the fact that Apple isn’t the first firm to develop a Bluetooth tracker, its ability to harness its Find My network provides it a significant advantage over its rivals. Due to their ability to exchange data with adjacent iPhones, AirTags can provide their users with very precise location data, particularly in areas where Apple is widely used. While Android doesn’t have system-level tracker support, recent evidence implies that barebones scanning capabilities may become available in the near future.

source: androidpolice

New strings discovered by the 9to5Google team in the recent Google Play Services (22.12.13) update contain references to “unfamiliar device notifications,” which 9to5Google believes are related to this purpose (for detecting unknown tags that are following you). The finished version of this feature may appear under Google’s Safety & Emergency section in Settings.

Additionally, “ATag” (probably an abbreviation for “AirTag”), “Tile tag,” and “Finder tag” are all mentioned in the programme.


Apple recently created a similar app for Android to search for nearby AirTags, which alerts the user if it discovers any tags that are unfamiliar or possibly hazardous and advises them to remove or deactivate them. Even if this is a one-off, we hope that Google plans to add more tag capabilities to Android in the future. Samsung SmartTags and Tiles both need the SmartThings app in order to be monitored on Android right now, which is all over the place. You can only accomplish so much without system support, which AirTags have. It may just be a scanner, but it’s a step in the right direction anyway.

For Google I/O 2022, which will be place on May 11-12, we may learn more about this feature.

A few more screenshots have leaked, as well.


Using Mishaal Rahman’s Twitter account, we can see updated screenshots of how this new “Unknown device warnings” feature would look like in action.

If it detects gadgets that move with you, like a rogue AirTag someone is using to track you, it will send you an alert. The wording at the bottom confirms this.


Stalkers that employ tracker tags to keep tabs on their victims might greatly benefit from this initial phase in Android’s tracker detection. However, we’re hoping that it’ll be followed by real Android tag support.

In order to reflect the most up-to-date information about this particular feature, the text above has been revised.


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