Google shows his love towards workers with this incredible perk


Unagi and Ride Scoot are teaming together to bring Googlers back to the office in style.

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Google workers in the San Francisco Bay Area and elsewhere in the United States will no longer be able to work from home, but the business is hoping to woo them back with a revolutionary new incentive.

Starting this month, Google will begin using a hybrid work paradigm in which employees will be required to be in the office at least three days a week beginning this month.


“Ride Scoot” is a new initiative that Google has teamed with Unagi, an electric scooter producer, in an effort to get employees back to the office, reports The Verge. Most of the company’s employees in the United States will be able to receive a monthly subscription to Unagi’s Model One scooter, which costs $990 and has a peak speed of 20 mph and a range of 15.5 miles. The new programme will make this feasible.

For more information on Google’s new Ride Scoot initiative, Unagi founder and CEO David Hyman sent a comment to The Verge.

“They’re well aware of the anxiety that exists among the workforce. Working from home become second nature to many people. And they’re doing everything they can to make sure that returning customers have a better time.


reimbursable subscriptions to a scooter

Google spent billions on extending its offices during the epidemic in the belief that workers would return to work after the virus faded. Google spent billions on expanding its offices.

The firm came up with the concept of providing its personnel with free scooters as a possible inducement to persuade them to switch from working from home to a hybrid work paradigm.

Customers in select locations in the United States may subscribe to Unagi’s Model One scooter service for $49 a month, which includes delivery to their doorstep. Both maintenance and theft insurance are included in the price of a one-year membership.


Unagi intends to put up kiosks inside Google headquarters where workers may sign up for a subsidised monthly scooter subscription as part of Google’s Ride Scoot programme. However, Google will cover the entire membership fee and scooters will be put to the company’s internal employee portal as a transit alternative.

To qualify for payment, Googlers must ride their Unagi Model One scooter at least nine times a month to qualify. In addition to its Mountain View headquarters, the search giant also has operations in Seattle, Kirkland, Sunnyvale, Playa Vista, Austin, and New York City that are eligible for the programme.

Unagi has also struck arrangements with Salesforce and other prominent corporations to provide its scooters as a benefit for their employees, in addition to Google.


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