Google recently trademarked the Pixel Watch name


A trademark application for the term “Pixel Watch” has been submitted by Google, and it seems that the wristwatch is finally coming to fruition after years of speculation.

(Image credit: Android Central)

In the trademark registration, 9to5Google reports, the name of the long-awaited wearable is the only thing that can be deduced. They are defined as relevant to smartwatches and smartwatch accessories in the materials Google filed to the Patent and Trademark Office.

It’s another another indication that the gadget will be launched soon. A May announcement has been mentioned by earlier leaks, but we’ve also heard that the wearable would not be on sale until October.


Make sure your timepieces are on time

As far as we can tell, the Google Pixel Watch is on track to meet our expectations. Wearables are expected to feature a circular, slender shape, and a physical crown button may be included as well.

Additionally, a few watch faces that are said to be on the wearable have surfaced. Step count, heart rate, and current weather conditions are all included in this watch.

When the Pixel Watch goes on sale, we’ll know less about Google’s price plans. It’s evident that the price of the gadget will play a major role in determining its attractiveness to customers.


The Pixel Watch is a need for Google.

As far as Wear OS wearables are concerned, the likes of Ticwatch, Fossil, and Samsung (after moving its smartwatches over from Tizen) are keeping the flag flying, but it’s certainly crucial that Google also has its own flagship wearable.

We all know how well-liked the Apple Watch is, and how well it integrates with the iPhone. A smartwatch that can be trusted and proudly worn by Google Pixel phone customers has not yet been available.

At this point, it seems like a good moment for the Pixel Watch to make its debut to offer the Apple Watch some further competition as well as draw more interest in Wear OS as a whole.


It’ll be fascinating to observe how Google’s purchase of Fitbit affects the future development of wearables like the Fitbit Sense. It’s possible that the Apple Watch may no longer be the most popular smartwatch on the market, and the Pixel Watch might be a factor in that move.

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