Google Pixel tablet is coming — what we know so far


Android tablets are a priority for Google.

Google is working on a Tensor-powered Google Pixel tablet, which is expected to be released in 2023.

Those images were provided by Google during its Google I/O 2022 press event, which offered us an early peek at the Pixel tablet. Android 13 is expected to be the operating system of choice for Google’s newest slate tablet, which was presented today at the company’s annual I/O developer conference in San Francisco.


Our ranking of the finest tablets currently on the market has been updated to include Google’s rumoured Pixel tablet, which we hope will live up to expectations.

Price and release date rumours about Google’s new Pixel tablet

However, the release date for the Pixel tablet has been revealed, and it is…2023.

As a result, it’s possible that Google may unveil the new tablet at some point in 2018, although this is unlikely to happen before the end of 2023. According to Google’s history of releasing new products, the Pixel tablet will most likely be unveiled around the spring or autumn of 2016.


Because Google’s latest tablet, the Pixel Slate, was released in October of last year, it seems like a safe bet that the Pixelbook will follow suit. Before that, in December of 2015, Google debuted the Pixel C tablet. So, if historical performance is any indication, the next Google Pixel tablet should be released in the second half of 2023 at the very earliest.

iPad Pro with Retina Display: Design

Google I/O 2022 gave us a glimpse of the tablet’s marketing photos, which imply it would be a quite plain-looking device.


Based on the preview, we should anticipate a basic, rounded slate with substantial bezels. We’ll have to wait and see how excellent the front and back-facing cameras are before deciding whether or not to buy this phone.

Because of this, we’re optimistic that Google will be able to reduce bezels surrounding the display before the device launches.

Android v13 on the Google Pixel tablet

As an illustration of how Google is attempting to enhance the experience of using Android on tablets, the Google Pixel tablet is being developed by the same team that works on Android.

(Image credit: Future)

Android 13 features, including several that are expected to shine brightly on the Google Pixel tablet, were being promoted as part of a bigger marketing campaign.

Google has promised to make over 20 of its own applications more helpful and useable on “big screen” Android devices, such as tablets, by making them more responsive (as opposed to “small screen” devices like phones). You will also be able to view more information at once and have access to a task bar that runs down the bottom of the tablet interface. As expected, drag-and-drop between programmes will also be available.

Apps from other parties are also being adapted for tablets by Google. For example, Facebook and Canva are included in this list. The Google Play Store will also make it simpler to locate tablet-optimized software, as well.


In addition to virtual surround sound, customised icons, Bluetooth LE audio, notification permissions, and improved battery management, we already know that Android 13 will support these new features. Because of this, it’s probable that Android 13 will continue to make minor improvements to the overall experience of using Android on a tablet.

Android-based tablet, the Google Pixel

The Google Pixel tablet is definitely too early to offer an educated judgement, but what we’ve seen so far is undoubtedly fascinating.

In 2019, Google made a great show of pulling down its tablet development efforts, so it’s wonderful to see the big G roll up its sleeves to build the ultimate Android tablet once again.


If you look at our list of the best Android tablets on the market, you’ll see a large number of Samsung tablets, including both the fantastic Galaxy Tab S8 and the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, which are all wonderful devices. We’ll have to wait and see whether Google’s Pixel tablet can compete with Samsung’s top tablets, but it would be good to have a fresh contender join the fray.

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